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Dec 25

O Holy Night Singing Tips

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

O Holy Night singing tips on this Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas! I hope it has been a great day for you as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This wonderful Christmas Day I would love to give you this lesson so that you can enjoy singing this song as much as I do! It is definitely a world-wide favorite carol, and one of the most sung and most requested Christmas songs, loved by all ages. Take this lesson and see if it helps you find a little more freedom and expression as you sing this beautiful song.

Take another free lesson here and read about a healthy voice while you’re at it.

So – have yourself a merry little Christmas, and may you be blessed in the new year!

Happy Singing!




Dec 17

How to Sing O Holy Night

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Unknown-1 This Christmas would you like to know how to sing your best on O Holy Night?

Watch a video tutorial here after you read this article and I will demonstrate some tips to help you with this beautiful song.

First, I would love to wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  May your life be filled with joy and peace as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is our hope and our help.  He is the forgiver of sins and the giver of life and life eternal.  He is love.

One of my most beloved Christmas songs is “O Holy Night.” I would love to give you some tips that will help eliminate some of the difficulties of singing this beautiful song.

O Holy night

The stars are brightly shining

It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth

Long lay the world

In sin and error pining

Til He appeared and

The soul felt its worth

A thrill of hope

The weary world rejoices

For yonder breaks

A new and glorious morn


Fall on your knees

Oh hear the angel voices

Oh night divine

Oh night

When Christ was born

Oh night divine

Oh night

Oh night divine

It is very helpful to begin practicing this song on the word Mohm, in order  to help set your voice from the top down.  You will want to approach this whole song this way instead of pushing up from the bottom end of the notes.

If you will sing the verses on Mohm, then sing the words in the same placement as the Mohm, you will be set for success as you move into the chorus.

A  little trick to help you become a better singer is to point the sound where you want it to go, or to place your fingers on either side of your lips and allow the sound to start and remain past them.  If you notice that your sound sneaks in behind your fingers, then you are most likely trying to check your pitch before you actually let your voice out.  This is a very common practice among my students and the one thing that causes so much trouble with tension and pitch. Once you have tried to listen inside with your inner ear before letting the sound escape, you have created tension in the throat that is then hard to release.

Another visual trick to help you go on the first note of the chorus is to set a water bottle or something one or two feet in front of you, and then picture the sound starting and continuing past the bottle. End the phrase past the bottle, breathe, then start the next phrase past the bottle.  If you will do this, you will never feel tension in your throat when singing, because you will be forced to use the proper body muscles to support your sound. Try it and see what you feel happening!

If the Mohm exercise does not work well for you, try singing the song on your best vowel, or the vowel that allows you to feel the most freedom when you sing. Once you feel freedom and ease when singing the song on the vowel, try singing the words, keeping them in that best vowel place.  So if ee is your best vowel, you might try singing: “Fall on your knees” by first singing “Feel Een Yeer Knees,” so you can feel what that phrase should feel like.  Then sing the real words as close to the ee placement as you can.  Try to keep the jaw and the back of the tongue relaxed and OUT OF THE PICTURE. If you take the time to find your best voice using some of these little tricks, you will soon be singing “O Holy Night” as you’ve never sung before!

Merry Christmas!



I would love to help you find your own amazing voice!

Happy Singing!!!



Dec 15

How to Sing Better High Notes, Part 3

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

How to ing better high notes part 3One of my favorite students just left my studio on cloud nine because she was able to sing much better high notes after working on the song O Holy Night for her Christmas Eve services next week.  We have been working on opening up her higher range using many exercises, including the lip trills.  She went from being very tight as she moved into the chorus to sailing free and easy.  Even the high note at the end was effortless and beautiful. How did she achieve this ease in singing? By applying months of release techniques to this gorgeous song.  She has been patiently working to find total freedom in her singing and has taken time to let go of the old habits that were holding her back from her most beautiful singing.  Although she has been consistently making big leaps forward each lesson, she knows that retraining muscles takes time and practice.  She had trained the wrong muscles to sort of push her voice and had limited her range and squeezed out a lot of her naturally beautiful sound. She has become so much better at singing!

Today she was getting stuck on a few words and those words were the limiters, not the notes.  She was sort of ” putting on the brakes” as she approached the consonants, which made her tighten up as she would move to to the next word.  For example, when she was singing “Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices,” she was anticipating the r on the word hear, which caused her to be tight on that higher note. We got her to stay on the ee vowel on the word hear, and to just ignore the r.  The result was amazing, because she was able to keep the breath going all the way through the word and to the end of the phrase, resulting in a free and spinning sound!

Another small adjustment that really helped that high note was to approach the word “fall” as if she were already singing that higher note. She would hold out one hand, palm up, and then point into her palm with the other hand just as she made the sound on the word “fall.” This gave her voice a picture of what she was wanting it to do. It’s really cool how your voice will follow your hands, so a great trick when practicing is to show your voice where to go by using your hands and arms to direct it.

We also used the Mohms to help her approach each note as if she were singing the highest note in the song.  This really helped to take away the shelf that limited her approach from bottom to top. She was trying to start the sound start the sound from the bottom of the note and then pushing the sound up from there. I asked her to sing the song on the word Mohm. She sang Mohm as if the only word in the song was Mohm. Her voice became free and effortless, and moved me to tears.

Would you like to find total freedom in your voice and be able to sing better high notes without tension, effort, or restrictions?  I would love to have the chance to help you do that very thing and so much more!

Check out my video teaching you the Mohm exercises and then see if you can apply that to the song “O Holy Night”.  The Mohms will help you to approach each note freely and without restriction.   Once you can sing the song on the Mohms with no tension, then try singing the real words in the Mohm spot. Try not to say the consonants to the word until the very last second. Stay on the open vowel as long as you can and then use the tip of the tongue, lips, and teeth to say the consonants, while keeping the jaw and back of the tongue relaxed. You will be amazed at the ease that you will begin to feel and you will be excited about how much better you can sing your high notes!

If you want to find your own amazing voice take your free lesson and check out all the other free stuff!

I would love to have you as a member of The Pro Singer family!

Happy Singing!



Dec 11

Vocal Therapy Exercises

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

vocal therapy exercises

If you are suffering from vocal fatigue, vocal strain, vocal nodes, vocal polyps, or if you just feel that your voice needs a little TLC, then you have come to the right place for some good vocal therapy exercises! It is important to care for your voice, and vocal therapy exercises are great to add to your regime even if you are not suffering from an ailment. Not only can these exercises help restore a tired or injured voice, they can also help prevent vocal problems from starting in the first place.

The exercises I am about to show you are great for freeing up your speaking voice and then helping you to sing in that same free way. It is important to sing where you speak, if you want to unlock any restrictions that may be hindering your best singing.  Try my free lesson, and I will help you sing with more ease and freedom than you can imagine! But for now, let’s do some Mohm exercises to find your free resonant center. From there, you are well on your pathway to freedom in singing.

Say the word mohm with a long “o.” Release the back of your tongue and let tip of it rest against the back of your bottom teeth. Let the jaw unhinge and be as relaxed as you can manage.  The tongue is asleep and still.  No action is required of your tongue to make the sound. The first goal is to say “mmm” without tightening your tongue or jaw in any way.  Spend some time practicing that thought before moving on to the next step. As you find the release in the tongue and jaw, you will notice that your body naturally takes over the work of supporting the voice. That is because our bodies are made to support our sound. Babies and young children breathe and support the sounds they make from the diaphragm and supporting muscles. Most of us develop poor breathing habits and begin using the jaw and tongue to support the voice. We just get lazy, let our posture sag, take shallow breaths, and poor vocal production results.

Now say “mmmmohm.” Let the sound stay very forward even when you say the “o” part. Say mohm 5 times, spending a good bit of time on each mmm sound. Now say mohm 4 times, on descending speaking pitches very connected; spending time on each “mmm,” allowing the “o” to stay very forward  and in the “mmm” spot.  Do this several times each day.

Start the word mohm on a very soft speaking pitch, gradually get louder, and then softer as you continue to speak through the “mmmm” placement.

Now sing the word “mohm” on on pitch in a very comfortable spot in your range. Sing it five times in sequence – “mmmohmmohmmmmohmmmohmmmohm.” You may be like me and become a mohm addict because it feels so good and sets everything so free!  Singing from here is so much easier!

Mohm’s the word!

Happy Singing!!



Dec 04

Why should I Warm up My Voice?

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

canstock2656723        Why should I warm up my voice?   I hear this question very often from my students and from many of the professional singers that I work with.  I mean, let’s be honest, how many of us actually look forward to doing our vocal warm-ups  before we sing?  Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if we could just sing the house down without warming up, or doing any of the things we should to maintain great vocal health and get better at singing?

The fact is that we, as singers, are athletes with our voices if we are required to use our them daily or weekly in order to earn our livings.  And just like those athletes, we have to train in order to be great singers. The difference between us and other athletes is that ball players and such have an off-season where they don’t train as intensely, in order to let their bodies rest and recover from such hard work. Sometimes professional singers will be able to take some down time from performing, but even then they really need to keep in shape during the off season, because it’s no fun to have to get back into good form once you have become great at your craft!

In order to keep our voices healthy and able to make gains and sing with no restrictions, it is important that we take care of them, which includes warming up properly everyday before we sing or speak. Talking can be much more taxing than singing, so it is imperative that we speak with the same freedom we are developing in our singing.  We want to sound the same whether talking or singing, so always warm up first thing in the morning before you have a conversation. Make it a habit. Something you do without even noticing. The pay-off is terrific!

The mornings at our house would sound really funny to someone listening in, because I live in a family full of singers. Often the car rides when we are heading out to sing include some pretty funny sounds, but to us it seems perfectly normal. I’m sure people driving around us sometimes wonder what we are doing with all the lip trills, whooping sounds, and straw singing. It has become a natural part of our routine to warm up a little before long conversations, and to remind each other if we notice that we are talking without proper breath support or without using our Mohm placement. It should always feel very easy and natural to move from talking to singing, and warming up the voice before either activity will do the trick. You will have access to these and many other great vocal warm ups as a part of your membership in TheProSinger family.

Some days you will feel warmed up before you even start, so those days will require less time to be ready to sing. On those easy days, just some lips trills and whoop slides might be enough. Choose any warm -up or choose several, depending on how your voice feels on that day. Some days singing just never feels good because maybe you only slept a few hours, or maybe your allergies have flared, or you might be sick, or your voice just feels really tired. If possible, take the day off from singing, limit your talking, drink lots of water, and go to sleep early that night. Sleep and water are so great and necessary for good singing.

One of the main reasons to warm up your voice and learn to sing without restriction is so that you will have vocal longevity. You will want to sing for your whole life, and you should only get better with time. Take care of your amazing voice and it will last you a lifetime. It is one of my greatest joys to help singers like you discover total ease and freedom of singing and the joy of expressing all that you feel inside. Check out my free lessons and let the fun begin!

Happy Singing!




Nov 25

What Do You Consider to be Singing Success?

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized




One of my students recently asked what I would consider to be singing success. I try to answer as many of the questions posted by my students as I possibly can, so, if you are a member of, please keep them coming. Sometimes I will answer in an article, and sometimes I will answer with a video so that I can demonstrate if needed.

In terms of singing success, we probably have many different ideas, don’t we? Many of us feel that we must “make it” in the music world and become a famous artist, heard by millions and put on a pedestal by our adoring fans. We must push and self promote using whatever means possible to be seen and heard. We have dreams of money, fame, and a glamorous life style with never a dull moment. We will hang with the beautiful people and life will be one grand party.

While having a great career as a singer is a worthy goal, many of us feel that unless we attain that sought after status of “stardom,” that we have failed and feel defeated, and sometimes even give up on our great love of expressing music through the gift of singing.

This is where I want to step in today. Singing is so much more than the world will tell us these days. Your worth as a person is not wrapped up in your singing success, though being a successful singer is attainable. Your worth is granted to you because God loves you and gave Himself for you. The Bible tells us that “God so loved the world that He sent His only Son (Jesus), that whoever( you) would believe in Him (Jesus), would not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. God’s word is full of good news for all of us, so I would challenge you to read the Bible and ask God to teach you how great is your worth.

In light of God’s grace and mercy, the gift of singing takes on a new life. The ability to express thoughts and ideas, values and beliefs, love and hope, joy and sadness, loss and gain, in a way that touches the hearts of your fellow man is nothing short of miraculous. What a great gift. What a great responsibility to use and develop this gift for a cause greater than ourselves!
What if we are driven to improve our voices so that we can promote something greater than our own platform? What if we measured our singing success in terms of helping others make it through hard times or to help them celebrate good times? Perhaps singing for a funeral or a wedding would take on new meaning and would seem to carry more success on the grand scale of life. Don’t we all just want to make a difference and find meaning and purpose in this life?

The music industry is scrambling these days and becoming a super star is more elusive than ever. It is a gamble and there is really not a formula to be followed that will ensure major singing success, fortune, and fame. Don’t be fooled by people telling you to follow their program and they will teach you to “make it” . You must work hard and put yourself out there if that is your goal, but there are no guarantees.

My purpose, as your vocal coach, is to help you become the very best singer you can be. I want to help you achieve amazing singing and complete freedom and expression in your singing. I will help you have great technique and longevity, but most of all, I want you to have joy. Joy in your heart and joy as you sing. My hope is that you reach your greatest dreams and have the success you hope for. But more than this, I wish for you to know the One who gives us eternal life, true joy, and real success.

Happy Singing!


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Nov 24

Breathing Exercise for Better Singing

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Here’s a great little breathing exercise to help you sing better!


Breathing Exercise for Better Singing

Get a pretty good sized book, like a dictionary, or even a little stack of several books will work. You’ll love this next part. Lie down on the floor. Seriously! Bend your knees so that your back is flat against floor.  Isn’t that great?

There are two reasons that you need to lie down sometimes when you are practicing your breathing. Three if you include the fact that it is relaxing and wonderful to get to lie down and relax while accomplishing something as great as becoming a better singer!

The other two reasons are simple.

1. This is a picture of perfect posture.  Great alignment is key in breathing well, while supporting the voice and being able to sing without restriction.

2. It is very hard to breathe shallowly in your chest while lying down, thus enabling you to find a more relaxed belly breath.

This brings us to the point of this exercise which is learning to support your sound using your body instead of the muscles of your throat, jaw, shoulders, neck, or tongue.

Now that you are lying down, place the book on the center of your belly.

Completely relax.  Pretend your are falling asleep.  Notice how your heath moves from your chest to your belly. Notice how the book rises and falls gently and naturally.

Now take a breath and notice that the book rises on the intake.

Make a hissing sound through your teeth as you exhale  and try to gently resist letting the book collapse.  Don’t push or squeeze.  Just try to let your body continue to feel open.

When you are almost out of breath, release your abdominal muscles and then take a comfortable breath and continue this relaxing exercise for several breaths.

This exercise should feel very relaxed.  You will feel some work in your abs and lower back as your natural and proper breathing muscles remember how to do their jobs.

We will talk more about this soon in a video lesson.

Happy Singing!



get better at singing

Nov 22

Singing Auditions – How to Prepare

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

singing auditions - how to prepare

Getting ready for singing auditions can be quite a challenge. Sometimes the process of getting ready to audition can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. I know I have had my share of torturous auditions and competitions! It has been my privilege to help so many of my students through many auditions, including American Idol’s Jason Castro and his brother Michael Castro. Let me help you put some things into perspective and see if we can simplify the process a bit. Here are seven things to help you have a successful singing audition.


Eat fruits and veggies.

Drink plenty of fresh water. Hydration is key to a healthy voice.

Sleep seven to nine hours and go to  sleep before 11:00 pm if at all possible so that your body can properly restore itself while you sleep.

Warm up your voice everyday and work up to singing your songs several times a day as you get your voice into tip top condition.

Exercise your body. Your whole body is your instrument.  Enough said:).


Obviously, if you don’t know what you are saying, the judges won’t get it either. If you cannot express feeling and emotion, the judges won’t  feel it either. One of the most important things you can do to insure a great audition is to sing a song that moves you so that you can move others.


It is important to sing a song that does not push you beyond your abilities, even if you are working hard to extend your abilities. Sing something that feels good to you and that you are confident you can pull off when you are under pressure.


You are an amazing human and your listeners want to hear your voice, not you trying to sound like someone else. Be real, natural, and authentic.


You have worked hard to prepare for your audition! You are ready and you can do it! Step out of your comfort zone and let it go. It will be so much fun and empower you in so many ways. Just take a breath and have a great time!


In this case, you will be singing for judges. What if you could turn your mind to think about them instead of yourself? What if you could focus on creating an emotional experience for your listeners intend of worrying about what they are thinking about you? There is so much freedom in releasing your worry and instead sharing yourself with others. Go for it!


The judges are only people just like you. They have preferences just like you do. They may prefer a different type of singer than you are. They may be tired or hungry when it is your turn to sing. They may be distracted in some way and not giving you their full attention. They have an opinion and a preference. Your ability to sing is not defined by the tiny period of time that you will be singing for them. If you win the audition, then congratulations! If you do not win this one, try again and be happy with yourself. You are the only you in the whole wide world!

Happy singing!


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Nov 21

Singing in the Shower

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized


singing in the shower

Why do we love singing in the shower? Why do you love to sing in the shower? Don’t you sometimes feel that you do your best singing in the shower? I certainly feel that way. For one thing, the acoustics are wonderful and we can sing our hearts out and actually sound great with very little effort. The steam opens up our sinuses and lubricates our throats and everything just feels great and we can sing and sing and sing. Also, usually we are alone with the doors closed, so we have no worries of anyone listening in with a critical ear, and giving us an opinion of how we sound.

Whether it be a positive or negative review, knowing that someone is listening can cause us to pull back some, or maybe completely stop singing altogether. Wouldn’t it be great if we could sing as freely in front of our audience as we can in the comfort of our wonderful acoustic steam chamber?

Perhaps we can take some of what happens while singing in the shower with us into our real world singing. Obviously, moist vocal cords are a must, so drinking a lot of water every day is very important.  The water doesn’t actually touch our cords, unless we accidentally inhale while drinking, and we all know how that ends! However, proper water intake hydrates our tissues and keeps the mucous that covers the vocal folds nice and thin, preventing the need to cough and clear our throats.  This protects our vocal cords from the friction that would result from unprotected vocal folds rubbing together, which can lead to problems like nodes, polyps, or just hoarseness.

Breathing the steam of plain hot water is helpful. There are some good personal steamers on the market if you want to invest, but it is just as effective to steam up your bathroom and sit in there for 10 or 15 minutes.  Bonus! You get a nice facial! Also, you can keep a humidifier running in your house, or just keep a big pot of boiling water on the stove. Especially in the winter time when we are running our heaters, the air can be very drying. So drink and drink and steam and steam! Be careful not to burn yourself!

The freedom we find in the shower can be found on dry ground too! It is possible to sing beautifully without the pain of pushing and straining. My vocal methods are wonderfully freeing and I can help your find your free, awesome, singing in the shower voice, even when you are singing for an audience! Come on and take your free lessons
and then join and we will have an awesome journey to free singing!

Happy singing!




Nov 17

Online voice lessons

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Are you looking for the best online voice lessons? Do you want to sing with your own best voice and sound better with each passing year? Would you like freedom from limitations and complete ease of singing with increased range, power, and emotion? Suzanne Davis is a world class vocal teacher/coach who has helped thousands of singers reach their full potential. Her passion is to see her students grow as singers, musicians, and communicators. Her gentle, encouraging spirit helps each student believe that they can become a much better singer. Suzanne cares about her students. She encourages growth in all areas; mind, body, and spirit. You will become a better singer when you put Suzanne’s methods into practice.

Suzanne teaches privately in her studio and by Skype, but not everyone can afford the high cost of private one on one lessons with a vocal coach. It is difficult to find a voice teacher who won’t try to mold the student into a version of themselves, or who doesn’t teach with a one size fits all attitude. Every singer is different and not all people learn in the same way. Online voice lessons with a voice teacher you trust can work wonders. Suzanne is an expert at meeting each student where they are and developing on the spot ways to help eliminate vocal limitations. She can diagnose the problems upon the first lesson. She discusses all of the problems she has encountered in her 30 plus years of teaching, so certainly each online student will greatly benefit by joining and participating in the program.

TheProSinger online voice lessons was developed so that Suzanne can help many more singers than she can see in her studio. The price is very reasonable for the students that want to have access to the endless lessons Suzanne teaches online. Each lesson is taught as if the student is having a private lesson with Suzanne and many have had great success with this program. New lessons are being added all of the time, so online students will benefit from Suzanne’s vast experience and creative new ways of making clear the path to great singing. is also full of free lessons, so that everyone can benefit. All lessons are designed with you in mind. Try the free lesson and see what happens. Suzanne’s clear instruction will certainly help unlock your greatest potential. She cares about you and you will feel the warmth joy that she desires to share. Come on and try your free lesson!

Happy Singing!!!