Suzanne Davis Vocal Coach

Suzanne Davis is a world-class vocal coach who has changed the lives of many singers. Her 30+ years experience (while coaching literally thousands of students) far outweighs her extensive post-grad education in Vocal Performance & Pedagogy.

Being a performing teacher, her approach is fresh and current; helping singers with what they want and need to be doing, while putting it into real-world practice herself. She has been a professional studio singer for over 30 years, and currently maintains a private vocal studio, all while continuing to sing weekly for audiences of 6,000-20,000+ people. You can watch one of Suzanne’s live performances here.

One of Suzanne’s strongest personality traits is Maximizer, which empowers her with a unique ability to coach any singer to the point of fulfilling his or her potential. Her students do not sound like her, but rather they each sound like themselves… only better! Suzanne’s main focus is to remove any obstacles, whether vocal or emotional, so that her student can fully express everything in their hearts without any kind of restriction, so that they can move their listeners at the deepest level. Her students range from rock singers to American Idol finalists, worship leaders to aspiring Broadway stars, and everything in-between.

Results from utilizing Suzanne’s vocal method are always rapid, and often immediate. Her students are commonly amazed and encouraged at their improvements, and blown away by the ease & freedom with which they sing after studying with Suzanne. To study through online voice lessons with a teacher/coach of this caliber is an unbelievable opportunity, and costs only a fraction of what you would pay for live one-on-one sessions. Sign up now, and start maximizing your vocal potential! You simply could not make a better decision for yourself, your singing, and your impact on your audience.