1. Who should sign up for this course?

Anyone who wants to become the best singer they can possibly be, from the professional singer to the one who has a goal of becoming a professional singer, to the person who would just like to be able to sing!


– Dramatically EXPAND your RANGE

– Ease vocal tension and SING WITH FREEDOM

– Learn how to TAKE CARE of YOUR VOICE

– Learn how to WARM UP before gigs

– ADD POWER without hurting your voice

– Sing with the EDGE of a rocker, or as SMOOTH as silk

– Find a HUGE RANGE of dynamics so you can have FREEDOM OF  EXPRESSION

– Discover your best NATURAL VOICE — your own UNIQUE SOUND


– Sing on PITCH, avoid “pitchiness”

– EXTEND your singing CAREER by decades

– SING fully from the heart WITH all the PASSION you feel inside

– Make every song YOUR BEST SONG–find out why some songs seem harder than others, and learn to make them your own

– SING for hours WITHOUT FATIGUE, and then do it again the next day


– Enjoy FREE BONUS MATERIAL designed to help you move quickly while having fun

2. How will she teach me if I am not in the room with her?

That is an excellent question. Suzanne has taught thousands of people over the last 30+ years. There are many things that all singers have in common, and these are the issues that will be addressed in your lessons. All of the lessons will be on video, and Suzanne will lead you through each one as if you were taking your own private voice lesson in the same room with her. She will explain, demonstrate, and help you through each exercise. You will see and hear her as she takes you through each lesson, and all of the material will be helpful to you, no matter your level of accomplishment.

3. What if I join the monthly program and decide I do not wish to continue?

Of course you can end your membership at any time, no questions asked. Simply send an email to cancel@theprosinger.com.

4. I am already a professional singer and an accomplished performer.  What can this course do  for me?

Of course, most of you are already good at what you do, and many of you are probably already singing professionally. In Suzanne’s own words, “It is such a joy to me to see even my most accomplished singers find that they have a much better instrument than they knew. I have found that no matter how long one has been singing, there is always more to learn, and that everyone can continually improve.” That really is exciting news! Your voice should only improve with each passing year. With proper care, you should be singing beautifully well into your latter years. This course really can help you, no matter what your singing ability. Our goal is to see you free of any vocal issues and to help extend your career by many years – we want you to be the most excellent singer you can be. It is our passion to help fellow singers be all they can be.

5. I already have a “sound” that I am known for, but I know I have some vocal struggles. Can you help me without changing me into an opera singer, or even taking away my identity as an artist?

Another excellent question, and one that every singer should ask a potential vocal teacher/coach. Suzanne’s method is simply to set your voice free in a very natural, relaxed manner.  You should only sound like yourself, the way God designed you to sound. A singer should not merely mimic his vocal coach, or anyone else for that matter.  It is all about freedom – once your voice is set free, you will be able to sing in any style you wish, and still sound only like yourself.  Our goal at TheProSinger is to help you find your own unique voice that is immediately identifiable to your listener. That is the voice that has the power to move your audience.

6. How long until I see results?

Most people see results very quickly, even immediately. It depends upon your willingness to trust Suzanne and try things; and, of course, you have to spend time practicing!

7. Are you going to make me sound “trained” or classical?

You will sound the way you hope to sound. This is about helping you to sing without effort, pain, tension, or worry; to sound like yourself. Your audience will be treated to all of the wonderful layers and textures that are often held in the back of the throat, once you experience the wonders of vocal freedom. When you are able to finally get out of the way and let your voice do its thing, you will love the sounds you make, whether you sing rock, blues, jazz, pop, classical… you get the idea. So, the shorter answer would be: no, she will NOT make you sound trained or classical – unless that’s how you want to sound!

8. Will I be messed up for a period of time while I am trying new things?

Most of Suzanne’s students notice such a great improvement during the first lesson that all of their fears are put to rest. She knows what kind of sound you’re trying to achieve and has the tools to help you get there – YOU CAN TRUST HER.  While you are getting rid of the tension in your throat, you may feel that you have given up power, when in truth, you will have more power. The difference will be that you won’t feel it or hear it as much because the sound will be traveling away from you, which is exactly where it should be going. Record yourself, before & after – you will love the difference – and it will give you confidence to continue on with the TheProSinger program.

9. How often will I get a new lesson?

Every week you will receive access to a new lesson on the “Lessons” page. You will always be able to go back to previous lessons, as long as you are an active member.

10. How do I know you know what you are doing?

Great question! Suzanne received her Masters degree in vocal performance and pedagogy many years ago. However, for the last 20 years she has been on the worship team at her church, leading worship for over 8,000 people on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings with her husband Danny. This includes 2 rehearsals and 3 services weekly – which is a lot of singing – so she understands vocal demand! She is also on staff as vocal producer/worship leader, and coaches many private students each week. She has done a great deal of recording and has great experience and the ability to help singers during recording sessions. She has developed a teaching method designed specifically for you, which has successfully helped literally thousands of singers, including Atlantic recording artist Jason Castro, and Word recording artist Mike Weaver, lead singer for his band, Big Daddy Weave. She is currently working with numerous worship leaders and other professional  and amateur singers who were ALL leery at first, but now are constantly asking Suzanne to carve out some time for a session! You really can trust her – she does what you do, and wants you to have a long, successful career!

11. What if I lose connection during a lesson?

Just log in again. You will always have access to the lessons you have paid for, as long as you’re membership is up to date. Each month, after your payment is received, that month’s lessons will become available for you to view.

12. How will I practice away from the video?

As much as you want to! There are several free vocal warm-ups, stretches, and other exercises that will always be available to you, whether you’re a member or not, plus other assignments, etc. that will come with every weekly lesson.

13. Can all vocalists improve with your method of teaching?

Absolutely! This method will help all singers be their best.

14. What do you charge for a private lesson with you, and how does that work?

You can have a private lesson with Suzanne via Skype,  or you can visit her studio when you are in the Dallas area.  She also travels to Nashville on a regular basis, and would be happy to teach you there if you would like. The cost of a private lesson via Skype or telephone is $200 for 50 minutes. The cost for a private lesson in person is $200 for 50 minutes. The benefit of a one-on-one lesson is that she can address things that she sees and hears that are unique to you and help you move on at a faster pace. You can schedule a private lesson by filling out the “contact” form on this website. However, as you work through the online program, you will get great results as well.

15. What kind of singer are you?

Suzanne needs to answer this one directly 🙂 Here’s what she says: “My goal is for you to sound like YOU, not ME. By the way, I never like to listen to myself. Like most everyone, I am my own worst critic, so for me to put recordings on this site is simply to show you that I can still sing after all these years and that you can too!! I would never take lessons from someone who has ruined their own voice. Longevity for everyone! Trust me, it gets here before you know it!

You’ll hear me singing in most of my lessons – so that you can see that even though I am over 50, I am still viable and effective (by the way, I am not advertising that I am 50+, but in this case it may help you to know that, since I teach vocal care and longevity). Your voice really should only get better with age – and ultimately , of course, through the blessing and gifting from God.”

16.  What if I want to cancel my membership, but my account has already been charged.  Can I receive a refund?

Sorry, but there can be no refunds on the monthly subscription; but if you cancel 48 hours before your account is charged, then of course you will not be billed for that next month. Just send an email with the word CANCEL in the subject line to danny@theprosinger.com, and your account will be canceled. Should you decide later that you want to rejoin TheProSinger, your account will be reinstated at the level you were when you canceled.