Apr 15

Michael Castro Singing Rising Son

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This is Michael Castro and Emmy goofing around during rehearsal at church. They are always on social media trying to include their fans in all they do. I thought you might enjoy their broadcast from my perspective! I love leading worship with them – they are two of my very favorite students! Enjoy this little tidbit and please check out my free lesson and allow me to help you find your own amazing voice!

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Apr 12

Michael Castro Singing “This Grace”

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Here is Michael Castro singing “This Grace” at with us at church.
I thought you might enjoy a little look into Michael Castro, Emmy Davis, Danny Davis, me (Suzanne Davis), and our Band rehearsing for our Saturday night service. This is currently one of my favorite worship songs and I am getting to sing it with some of my favorite students! You can hear another one of my favorites, Kristian Stanfill, singing it on YouTube. Check it out – it is just great, and you will love it!

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Apr 11

Michael Castro/Emmy Davis Singing Rising Son by All Sons and Daughters

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Here are two of my favorite students rehearsing Rising Son by All Sons and Daughters as we prepare for tonight’s worship service. They are always videoing for one form of social media or another, but they will be fully engaged when the service starts. They are wonderful people with hearts for God and love for their fellow man. I hope you enjoy this little snippet. If you would like to watch their video of this song, you can find it on YouTube – just search Michael Castro and Emmy Davis. Michael grew up in our church and is a life long friend, and Emmy is my lovely daughter. I have had the joy of coaching both of them for several years, and it is such fun to watch them do their things.

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Apr 06

Big Daddy Weave – Redeemed

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Big Daddy Weave RedeemedWe had the wonderful privilege of having Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave leading worship with us this Easter. He has been a long time favorite songwriter and singer because he writes great songs and is an amazing singer with a truly beautiful heart and joyous spirit. He is the real deal and humble to the bone. He sings with more heart than almost anyone I can think of. He lives out the message of Jesus Christ and glorifies God with his great musical gifting and gentle spirit. Our people were greatly moved through the message of his song, Redeemed.

Like all of his songs, this one has a message of the hope we have through our Lord Jesus Christ who loved us so much that he gave his life to pay the debt of our sins. Through his death and resurrection we can have forgiveness of sins, a brand new life in a relationship with him, and everlasting life in Heaven one day. Our old lives are forgiven, our sins are washed away by the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, and our he gives us a new, clean heart. All we have to do is believe that he is the perfect son of God who became the sacrifice for our sins by dying on the cross, and that on the third day after his death, God raised him from the dead and he is alive today. If you believe these things, just receive the free gift of salvation by asking God to forgive you of your sins and asking Jesus to come into your heart and be the boss of your life. He promises to live within you and to never leave you or forsake you. He will redeem your life and make you whole. He will give you hope and purpose. Listen to Big Daddy Weave sing about this in his song called Redeemed on the link below. You will be so glad that you did. He is an amazing singer. Just amazing. I would invite you to watch the entire Easter service if you would like to understand more about God’s love for you and how to enter into a relationship with him through his son Jesus Christ.

Mike’s song  Redeemed is just before the message, (which I would encourage you to listen to because it could change your life), and then he sings Bethel’s song called No Longer Slaves. Our worship team, Danny Davis, Emmy Davis, Michael Castro, and I get to sing with him on this one. What a powerful song made even more so by the voice and emotion of Mike Weaver!

One other cool thing is that he asked me to coach him while he prepares to record his upcoming album! That is fun for me!

I would love to help you with all things vocal. I would love to help you find your own amazing voice and help you find the path to your amazing life.

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Apr 01

Better Breathing for Singers

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Better Breathing for SingingBetter breathing for singers is definitely easily within the reach of anyone who is willing to treat their body to some wonderful tension relieving exercises and practices. Body breathing is the way God designed us to breathe, but the stresses of our lives can wreak havoc on our breathing process, causing our nice belly breathing to become constricted and caught in our shoulders. The tension travels to our jaws and tongues, and singing becomes tight, restricted and difficult.  Thankfully, there are many things we can do to remove these stressors, or at least change the way we respond. One of the most helpful of these things is to teach the muscles to remain in a more relaxed state, the way they were designed, rather than constantly holding tension, therefore constricting blood flow and healing oxygen.

I have written several articles about this and have made videos demonstrating some great stretching and tension removing exercises, and I encourage you to check out my website, TheProSinger.com to see more on this subject.


Not only will these practices release your singing voice like no other vocal exercise, you will benefit in many other ways. Your nervous system will calm down and you will feel less overwhelmed. You will become more able to stay in the moment, therefore enjoying every moment of your life, rather than constantly thinking ahead to the next thing on your list. The increased blood flow through unrestricted tissue will bring oxygen and healing to your entire body. Your aches and pains will diminish as your energy and well being increase. Your spine will gain flexibility, as will your whole body. Your breath will easily and naturally move deep into the belly and back, not only making you feel great, but creating natural support for your best singing. Your voice will sail in an amazing way.

I see this happen everyday in my voice studio. My students are amazed and beyond excited at the changes these exercises are making in their singing. They literally jump up and down with joy. When the lesson is over, they feel so much better physically than they did when they came in with the weight of the day on their shoulders. These exercises are truly amazing for the singing voice, so give them all a try on a regular basis. You will find many more on my main page.



                                                              TODAY’S BREATHING HELP

You will need 2 tennis balls for this practice.

1. While standing next to a wall or chair for support, place the ball on the floor, under your foot, and massage from heel to toe for two to three minutes on each foot.  You will find sore spots, but go ahead and breathe through the discomfort. The reward is worth it!

2. Lie down on the floor, placing a tennis ball under each calf. Slowly massage the calves, moving up the leg at your own pace. If you find a tight spot, spend a little time there coaxing the muscle to relax.

3. Move into your hips, but stay off of your tailbone. Releasing tension in your hips will relieve tension all the way up your body, with the great result of freeing up your voice.

4. Go ahead and move to the lower back, staying off of the tail bone and spine. Rub those knots away as your move the breath into the lower belly.

5. Take the massage on up your back, releasing the muscles on either side of your spine, but be sure to stay off of the spine itself.

6. Spend time on the muscles between your spine and shoulder blades, remembering to take nice slow belly breaths.

7. Remove the tennis balls and lie there for a few breaths. Notice the more relaxed feeling in your muscles and the way your breath is easily moving into your belly and back. This is your singing breath as well as your breath for life. This is the new muscle memory, so take time to let your brain take it in. If you will practice this on a regular basis, your body will remember that this is the breath that feels the best and is the most natural. Your singing will become free and effortless!

Relax, find your breath, and please allow me to help you find your own amazing voice!

Happy Singing!



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Mar 26

National Anthem Singing Contest

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If you are looking to win a national anthem singing contest, then have I got great news for you! Suzanne, at TheProSinger.com has developed a lesson just for this purpose, to help you sing the national anthem with complete freedom and ease. Check out this free online lesson, and then take a look at all the other free videos and articles on all things singing. The lessons in the ‘members only’ area are the very best to be found on the internet, so why not join and let Suzanne help you find your own amazing voice? You will find that you have quick and outstanding results, whether you are already a pro singer, or just beginning to find your own amazing voice!

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Mar 24

Voice Lessons Online

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Voice lessons online can offer a great and affordable way to improve your singing voice as long as you find a great teacher who teaches healthy vocal practices that will last you a lifetime.

online voice lessons

There are many options out there these days for online lessons, and while you can benefit from scrolling around on YouTube and vocal websites, it is highly recommended that you find a teacher that you like and then stick with them. Vocal techniques can vary from teacher to teacher, and studying with more than one teacher at a time can cause you great confusion and essentially get you nowhere near your own best singing. Most voice teachers won’t teach you live if you are studying with another teacher because it will confuse you, and waste your time and money. I have talked to many teachers who share this view, and as a voice teacher myself, I have to agree. It’s not that I always (though sometimes) disagree with the technique being taught to my student from another teacher, it’s just that we may be working on different strengths and weaknesses in different ways and at different times.  This can cause the student to become confused, frustrated, and ultimately mess him or her up rather than build a great voice.

One way to be sure you agree with your teacher’s technique is to listen to as many of his or her students sing as much as you can. You will want to be sure that each singer sounds unique, and not like they are trying to sound a certain way, or trying to sound like the teacher or even like each other. Everyone has their own amazing voice and this should be encouraged by the teacher or vocal coach. You will want to be certain that their voices sound free from restrictions and full of emotion. You will want to hear your teacher sing to be sure that the technique they teach has not injured or aged their voice, because, ultimately, that could happen to you if you have an unhealthy approach to singing.  You will want to study with someone who has your longevity in mind, not just short term power house singing.

If you can’t afford private voice lessons, or can’t find a teacher in your area that teaches a technique that will only set your voice completely free and allow you to sing any style you choose in your own amazing voice, then online voice lessons are a great option for you.

TheProSinger.com offers the very best online vocal lessons, offering a lot of free short lessons, stretches to help singers and instrumentalists undo the stress and tension that can interfere with your best performance, articles on all things singing, plus a members area.  In the members area you will receive a weekly lesson, designed to release all tensions and restrictions you may have, and then set you on the path to your very best singing ever, no matter your style,or age.

Suzanne is a premier vocal coach with over 30 years experience setting free the voices of thousands of singers, while maintaining her live voice studio and singing for thousands of people each weekend. Her own voice is healthy and sounds way younger than her years, which is a good indicator that her method is one that will benefit you. Her lessons are designed to free your voice, emotions, and body, so that you effectively communicate with your audience in a way that will draw them in and keep them coming for more.

Of course, if you want to join TheProSinger.com and benefit from Suzanne’s great teaching, you can always schedule a SKYPE lesson from time to time if you want personal input from Suzanne.

Take  FREE LESSON, check out the other free stuff, and join TheProSinger.com family and begin your journey to finding your own amazing voice.

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Mar 21

The Best Exercise For Singing High Notes

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the best exercise for singing high notesThe best exercise for singing high notes is easy, fun, and feels great! There are many things that can help you sing awesome high notes, but the best place to start is with the simple lip trill.

The key to finding your amazing high notes is to remove any tensions and restrictions that you may have developed while working at becoming a better singer. Sometimes the very things we do to try to “help” our voices actually only end up causing tension that interferes with free and natural singing. The lip trill, when done correctly and regularly, can really help set your voice free from top to bottom while helping to eliminate the breaks as well. Your range will expand, both on the high end and the low end.

Another great benefit of the lip trill is that it helps connect your voice to your breath. You can’t do a proper lip trill without connecting to the body for support, rather than using the muscles of the throat, so it is very beneficial in teaching the right muscles to work while helping the muscles that should be relaxed to relax. You want your throat, tongue, and jaw to feel completely relaxed when you sing, and the body to be engaged in supporting the breath that will carry the beautiful sound you make when you sing. Your voice should sail as freely when you sing as it does on the lip trills.

Ideally, you should start your morning with some lip trills so that you properly warm up and set your voice before you even speak. Once you have used your voice in the morning without warming up with lip trills at least, it is very difficult to release tension that you pick up by making sound before warming up. These exercises can be done quietly and easily, so that even the least morning person will be able to handle them.

To do the exercise, you will first want to relax your tongue. If you don’t relax the base of  tongue, you will engage your swallowing muscles when you make the sound, creating tension that will make you sound a bit like Kermit the Frog. So take a little time and release the tension from the base of your tongue.  Next allow your jaw to go slack. Keep you teeth apart, and don’t bite down when you begin the trill. The tip of your tongue should be resting against the back of your front, bottom teeth. Your diaphragm will engage once you start the sound because you have removed tension from the throat, tongue, and jaw, which are muscles that we often default to using. This causes lots of problems like vocal fatigue, tension, loss of range, pitch problems, and many others. The lip trill exercise will really help you find your best high notes and develop great breath support.

So relax your tongue, jaw, and throat. Keeping teeth apart, trill your lips as if you are making a sound like a child makes when playing with toy cars. Start the sound in your comfortable range, then gently stretch throughout your entire range on a siren sound. You can practice your songs on lip trills as well to reduce tension and increase range.

You can see a video demonstration here.

I would love to help you find your own amazing voice, free of tension and restriction. If you would like to check out my site ,you can take a free lesson!

Helping you become the best singer you can be is one of my greatest passions!

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Mar 19

Breathing For Anxiety Relief Works For Singing

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breathing for anxiety relief works for singingBreathing for anxiety relief works for singing breath support. Isn’t that great news? There are many reasons that singing lifts the spirit, but one of them is contained in the deep and rhythmic breathing that occurs when we sing a song.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that you, like I, are happy when you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. When we practice breathing exercises designed to help us with stress and anxiety, the icing on the cake is that these exercises actually help us develop our singing breath as well. Not only will we be flooding our bodies with good things like seratonin, we will be helping rid them of stress hormones such as too much adrenaline, which causes us to feel that terrible flight or fight response to the surges of hormones created when we encounter stress. We can, however, drastically reduce this avalanche of stress destruction through daily practice of the following breathing exercises.

1. Begin with steady count breathing.

When we feel stressed, we naturally tighten our bodies as way of protecting ourselves from a perceived threat. We can’t easily belly breathe at this point. We need to help our bodies relax so that we can access our deeper belly breathing, both for anxiety relief and for great singing support.  We also need to relieve tension in our bodies so that we can find our free and unrestricted singing. Tension release is a must for great singing.

To do this exercise, relax your tongue and jaw while inhaling 4 counts and exhaling 4 counts. Try to soften the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Let your shoulders fall away from your ears, while bringing your body into proper alignment. As you develop proper posture and release the tension held in your hips, back, shoulders, neck, tongue, and jaw, your will be able to allow the breath to begin to fill the belly, all the way to the pelvic floor. Obviously your lungs do not extend to the pelvic floor, but opening the body to this degree will allow the entire lungs to fill with air and help us expel toxins and tensions.

breathe for anxiety releif

2. Suspension breath.

This is another exercise to relieve stress while helping us teach our bodies to breathe properly as they were designed. The counting of the breath is a great way to take our attention away from whatever is causing stress and to help us focus only on breathing and relaxing our bodies. This particular exercise is very helpful in building the strength needed to properly support your amazing voice as well as bringing relief when you encounter stress and or anxiety. Practice this any time throughout your day, returning to normal breath if you ever become light headed while breathing in this manner.  Try to incorporate this more relaxed breath and body into every moment of every day.

To perform this exercise, relax the tongue, jaw, and body, scanning your body as you breathe for any place you may be holding tension. When you notice a tight area, simply direct your breath to that area, and think of softening the tight muscles as you exhale. This really works!

Inhale through your nose to the count of 4, hold for 1 count, then exhale fully through the mouth while slightly pursing your lips for 7 counts. Continue until you begin to feel calm and peaceful. Try to feel the breath mainly moving through the belly and the lower part of the back. Picture the muscles on either side of your spine softening and relaxing while allowing the body to fully expand with air.  Allow your hips to relax and feel more open. Opening and relaxing the hips will start a nice chain reaction of relaxation going all the way to the top of the head.

Try this video exercise called open your breathing for singing,to help with stretching and relaxing so that you can find this breath in your daily life and in your singing.

Breathing well is not only the pathway to great singing, but also to great health of mind, body, and spirit.

I would love to help your find your own amazing voice, so if you want, you can take a FREE ONLINE VOICE LESSON and see what you think!

Happy singing! And breathing!


Phillipians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.



Mar 15

How to Sing Without Straining Your Voice

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how t sing without straining your voiceWant to learn to how to sing without straining your voice? Would you like to sing with the same ease you feel when you speak? It is possible to sing without feeling any tension, pain, strain, or any other limitation that we so often place on our voices when trying to find our best sound.

The secret to great singing is to sing without effort and this can be easily achieved with proper training and practice. The first step to freedom in singing is to teach the back of the tongue and the jaw to relax. They are not invited to the party when it comes to creating your best vocal sound. Most singers start out using the muscles of the tongue, jaw, and throat to produce a note. This is not the correct way to produce vocal sounds and will cause vocal strain, reduced range, pitch problems, vocal fatigue, less heart and emotion, thinner tone, a reduction in volume flexibilty, and ultimately even things like vocal polyps and vocal nodes. Proper care of the voice is extremely important to the quality and longevity of the voice.

The quickest track to finding complete freedom from straining your voice when singing is to spend time regularly throughout each day training the muscles of the tongue and jaw to relax as you go about your regular routine. If you can develop the new habit of relaxed muscles when you talk, sit at your computer, play your guitar, cook, exercise, or whatever you are doing, the muscles of the body will naturally take the work load and your will begin to effortlessly support your voice the correct way, with the diaphragm and supporting muscles. We were born to breathe and support our voices this way, so your body and the muscles of your overworked throat will thank you as they develop this new muscle memory. So initially, your job is to let go of the old muscle memory as you develop this more natural muscle memory.


Try this exercise all day long and you will be feeling less vocal strain before you know it!

1.Relax your jaw, as if you have fallen asleep and your jaw has gone completely slack.

2. Relax the back of your tongue and allow the tip of the tongue to lay against the bottom teeth. You can allow your tongue to lay on the lower lip if that helps you to find a more relaxed feeling.

3. Allow your breath to move into your belly, ultimately all the way to the lower back and sit bones.

4. Think a note. Can you just think that note without feeling any tightening in you throat, the back of your tongue, or in your jaw?

Ideally you would refrain from singing the note until you can think it without tension. Taking the time to retrain your muscles without making sound is a faster way to find your free sound than singing over and over using the muscles that cause you to feel strained in the first place.

I would love to take you on a wonderful journey to find complete freedom in your own natural, amazing voice! I have worked with thousands of amazing singers and would love to help you too!

Happy Singing!


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Try this exercise once you can relax the tongue and jaw: