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May 12

Eliminating Your Vocal Break

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Eliminating your vocal break is an important part of finding your free, natural voice. In this helpful video, Suzanne at teaches you to find your bridge, or pathway through your registers to eliminate your vocal break. Do this short exercise every day as a part of your vocal warm ups to set yourself up fro great singing success. Join TheProSinger family today and let Suzanne help you find your own amazing voice!

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Apr 22

8 Tips for Engaging the Audience While Leading Worship

By danny | Uncategorized

SuzProfileRLeading worship is one of the greatest joys in the lives of many of us.  It is a gift and a privilege that comes with much responsibility and accountability. We are frail humans through whom the Holy Spirit moves to change the lives of many people through the amazing gift of music.  How humbling that we can be vessels used by God to speak to the human heart. How humble we should be as leaders and we must pray to always remember that we are being entrusted with a high calling that should only point to the greatness of God and the love and mercy He has shown us through His son, Jesus Christ. We must not become encumbered in all of the negative talk about the church, style of music, why people don’t sing, etc. We need to spend time with Jesus asking Him to help us be shining lights of His true love and mercy that is for every single person on the planet.

There are many things that can enhance your ability to connect with your audience and I want to encourage you in a few of them today. These are written in a spirit of love and encouragement. No criticism or competition. Take them as they are intended. We have been leading worship for a very long time and have come through many styles of music, from hymns to inspo to rock, from choirs to praise teams to rock worship, from unpugged to full on band.  You get the picture. It all works if the focus is to bring glory to God and to make Him famous in the world.

I’m going to talk about a few things in the order of importance as I see it. I would love to hear all that you guys have to say as well. It is fun to learn from one another and to be encouraged and to encourage. You will be reaching people that I will never touch, but if I can help you become better at your craft, then I get the joy of being a tiny little part of what you do. That is exciting to me!

1. The most important part of your ministry is your relationship with God. He must have first place in your life. Spend time with Him and ask Him to give you a soft and humble heart. Every morning I ask Him to help me to know Him, to love Him, and to make Him famous in the world. To know Him I must spend time in His word and in prayer. That can’t help but change my heart! To love Him, I must show love to others and consider them more important than myself. That can’t help but make my relationships better! To make Him famous in the world means that everything I do is for His glory and not my own. That is a big one, but when you think about it, it gives total freedom and takes the pressure off! Everything I do is to make Him famous! That tempers everything thatI say or do. Think it through. It’s  great one and really is completely freeing!

2. The second in importance is your relationship with your family. If you are married, this means your spouse. Your husband or your wife has to know that they come before anything or anyone in your life other than God. Your marriage is to be a picture of Christ and the church and an example of selfless and unconditional love.  Your music ministry comes way below this. If you have children, they come just after your spouse and must never suffer because of your ministry, but be included and taught that they are a part of your ministry. They too must know that they come way before your music. Way before it. Love your family. LOVE YOUR FAMILY.

3. The third in importance (which kind of has to happen for the first two anyway) is to treat others with kindness and to always be the same person off the stage as you are on the stage. In other words, live in a way that exemplifies and glorifies Christ wherever you go. Even if no one is watching you. Even if you think no one is watching you. You live in a glass house and you need to take that seriously and on purpose be kind and bear fruit in every situation. None of us are perfect, but we can all tame our tongues and ask God to give us wisdom and grace and to fill us with His kindness and compassion.

4. Practice and improve your skills. The Bible calls us to be excellent, so strive for excellence. Be skilled on your instrument. Become better at singing.

5. Practice well during the week so that when it comes time to lead worship you are technically ready. You don’t want to be distracted by unpreparedness. Work hard during the week so that you can be free to connect with and lead the people who have gathered to worship God. Do the best you can with what you have to limit distractions coming from the platform. More about this in the next post:)

6. Be the same person on the platform that you are everywhere else. Let your light shine as you welcome the people to worship with you. Encourage them to sing. More on this also in the next post.

7. Sing from your heart and not your head. Connect to the words and let them flow from your heart.  You have put in your time preparing so that you don’t have to worry about hitting the notes, etc., because they are memorized and easy. Be real and inviting. Put the songs in a key that the average person can easily sing and simplify the melody so that anyone can sing. If the songs are singable for the average person and you invite and encourage them to sing, they will sing!

8. Remember that you are not there to impress, but you are there to lead and encourage others to engage in corporate worship. Your job is to be musically prepared so that you can be free to notice, encourage, engage, and be real. It’s all about God and His amazing grace.

I will be writing more on this subject. I would love to learn from you as well!  I love you and pray for you!

Happy Singing!




Apr 22

A Breathing Exercise for Singers

By danny | Uncategorized

a breathin exercise for singers

Check out this great breathing exercise for singers! It’s designed to help release tension in the entire body, starting at the feet and working all the way up to find freedom and breath, ultimately leading to tension release in the jaw and tongue and setting your voice free to be amazing!

Tension in the body interferes with great breathing. We all tend to hold the things that feel stressful to us in our shoulders, necks,  backs, and hips. If you take a moment right now to notice where you are holding tension in your body, you may be shocked to realize that you are holding tension in many areas of your body! Take a moment to notice a place that you may be holding tension. Once you have acknowledged that tension, try to direct a breath into that area – and on that exhale soften the muscle. It might take you a few tries, but the muscle will relax and allow blood to flow. You may even notice a feeling of warmth as blood is once again allowed to flow through  constricted tissue! You’ll begin to feel SO much better as you continue this practice, and after a while your muscles will understand that this is the new order, and they’ll begin to memorize this new, relaxed state. Not only will your voice be set free, you will experience a calmer nervous system and free breath as well! If we can unlock these tense muscles, and then reprogram your muscle memory to be soft and relaxed (rather than tense), you will begin to have great blood flow, bringing oxygen and healing throughout your entire body. Since we were created to breathe with our entire lungs, not just the front portion that lies high in our chest, our breathing will go back to the natural, low belly breath that brings calm to our spirits and great support to our voices. It’s a win/win!

breathing exercise for singers


1. To do this exercise, stand or sit with your perfect posture. You want your body to learn to be properly aligned at all times because not only does this lead to your best singing, it also leads to your best health. Your health and vitality are of utmost importance to your life and your singing. My passion is to help you find your own amazing voice while setting you up for a lifetime of great health and energy so that you do all of the wonderful things you love to do. So see if you can incorporate this exercise several times throughout your day. You will be able to do it in a flash with some practice – so the more you do it, the sooner your muscles will adapt to this great new relaxed state of being!

2. Close your eyes and scan your body for any tense areas.

3. Align your body.

4. On an inhale, direct your breath into a tight area, and on the exhale, release the tension in that area. Continue for a few breaths until you feel the muscle go soft and can feel some warmth return to the area as blood begins to flow through the tissue, bringing oxygen and healing.

5. Notice how your breath begins to move much more easily into your belly and lower back. Notice that your hips begin to relax and feel more open and it even feels like breath is moving into your pelvic region.

This is your breath for singing, but it is also your breath for life! Singing is natural and easy when done correctly. We were perfectly designed to sing with our natural breath. Relax, breathe, and sing from your heart!

Happy Singing!




Apr 22

8 Steps to Singing Karaoke

By danny | Uncategorized

Singing karaoke!! What a fun way to spend an evening with friends and family, singing your heart out and just having a great time! Even those of us who aren’t the greatest singers in the world would love to have fun and feel good about entertaining the crowd with our best singing, wouldn’t we? And for others of us who may be seasoned singers, it is a fun opportunity to put into practice the skills we have worked so hard to develop. It’s exciting to have the chance to bring the house down, evoke emotion, and just flat sell a song. Let’s talk about  some strategies to be sure you are ready to do your best when you sing karaoke.

8 Steps to Singing 


1. Warm up your voice before you head out to the event.

It is imperative that you properly warm-up  your voice before singing and even before speaking first thing in the morning. Singing without warming up will cause you to sing with tension because most of us will sing with a tight tongue and jaw if we don’t loosen things up a bit first. This will put limiters and take away the freedom that comes with a warm and unrestricted instrument. Don’t skimp on this very important detail!

2. Choose a song with lyrics you can connect to.

How can you sell a song if you haven’t thought about the lyrics, or if you don’t connect to them in some way?  It has surprised me how often I can ask someone what they are saying in their song and they have no idea. It is obvious when someone really understands the lyric and has connected with the idea of the song. There is a whole different level of singing that happens by this one practice alone because the singer’s heart comes through. The whole point of singing is evoke emotion and move ourselves and others, so you can see that not really thinking about the lyrics can really lesson the impact of your song.

3. Be sure the song you sing is in a good range for you and that it stays well within your comfort zone.

Practice time is the time for testing the waters and stretching your boundaries. Stay within your comfort when performance time rolls around. As you improve during practice time, those boundaries will gradually be removed.  Singing is a life long pursuit.

4. You will want to have good pitch, so pay attention to staying in the center of each note.

It is amazing how many people come to me and sing a song for me completely. Listen to your own voice as you sing.  Relax your tongue and jaw and your pitch will greatly improve if you a having problems

5. Don’t push your voice. Let it freely sail and let the microphone  do the work.

Relax your tongue and jaw and practice your song on your favorite vowel to find ease in singing. Taking my lessons will really help you find your own free amazing voice!

6Emotion, emotion, emotion!  Feel the song.  Open up and connect with and move your audience!

Let us hear your heart. Don’t be afraid to let down your guard and let us in!

7.  Sing through the entire phrase.

Don’t put the brakes on as you come to the end of each phrase. Place your pointer fingers on either side of your mouth.  Let the sound start and continue past your fingers. End the phrase out there, breathe, and start the sound past your fingers again. That way, every breath feels like your first and every phrase feels as free as your first phrase.  This will help you not to tighten up and have problems as your song or song continues. Your throat should feel only relaxed and the singing should be effortless. Most of us tend to get in our own way by trying to help our voices, or by trying to create a specific sound. It is when we relax and let our voices go free that we become great singers.

I would love to help you achieve total freedom and find your best voice! You and your amazing voice set free for all to hear! Take my free lesson and let’s  get you on your way today!
Happy Singing!!
Apr 22

5 Ways to Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better

By danny | Lessons , Uncategorized

In today’s post, I would like to talk about five ways to make your singing voice sound better, no matter what level of singing you currently find yourself.  These five things will help any singer sound better, whether you are a novice, a pro, or anywhere in between.  Practice these five things, and you will see a positive change in your amazing voice!

5 ways to make your singing voice sound better


1.  Take care of your instrument.

Your whole body is your instrument, so you need to eat lots of green veggies, nuts, fruits, lean protein, and drink plenty of clean clear water. It really is true that you are what you eat. You also need to log plenty of good quality sleep so that your muscles can be properly restored and you cells can be recharged for great health! Then there is everyone’s favorite! You need to get regular exercise so you can be strong and fit to support that glorious voice of yours. Read this article on healthy vocal habits. Taking care of your body will show in your singing, your physical appearance, and your energy levels will soar, which is great news for any performer!

how to be better singer

2. Warm up and practice every day.

You should definitely warm up your voice every day before you sing or speak in order to avoid strain and other vocal problems. Preventing vocal problems is key, because recouping after developing vocal issues is no fun! Yet is it great news that many of these issues can be taken care of with good vocal therapy. Warming up and practicing every day, taking care not to sing when the voice feels weak or needs rest, never yelling, or doing anything that feels bad to your voice will definitely lead to a lifetime of painless and wonderful singing!

3. Make sure that you are singing on pitch.

Singing on pitch is very important to becoming a listenable singer, and, believe it or not, I have never come across a truly tone deaf person in all of my years of teaching thousands of singers.  Most of the time, singing off pitch is a result of not listening to one’s own voice. Sometimes people will just sing away without much thought as to whether or not they are actually hitting the pitches. Sometimes people are trying so hard to hit pitches that they create such tension that good pitch becomes impossible. Learning to sing without tension will really help to naturally correct the problem of bad pitch. I have seen this work time and time again with my students. Releasing tension in the jaw, tongue, throat, neck, and shoulders can result in corrected pitch. Try it and see! Not only will your pitch improve, your range will increase both high and low. It’s so cool!!!

4. Choose songs that fit your voice, both in style and in range.

Every great singer knows his or her limitations and stays within them during performances. Through my members only lessons, your limitations will be greatly diminished as your range, power, dynamic capabilities, emotional connection, pitch, tone quality, and all other things vocal improve in amazing ways. In the meantime, choose to perform songs in a key that doesn’t cause you to strain. Choose songs that seem natural to your own voice, and sing them in your own way. Don’t be a copycat. Find your own natural voice and develop it through practice and great coaching. Choose songs that hit home with you so that you can freely express the lyric and music with authentic emotion and feeling. When you sing in your own voice, there is nothing like it. Your listeners will be moved because your heart will come through your own amazing voice!

Unknown-45. Let the sound go.

Most of us want to listen and check the first pitch of each phrase before we let go and actually sing. Kind of like sneaking in. The problem with that is it creates tension in the throat, causing an avalanche of problems before you even get past the first phrase of the song.  A good little trick to help with this is to put your  index  fingers on either side of your mouth, and make sure the sound starts and stays past your fingers as you sing. This will help you use your body to support the sound and keep you from tightening the wrong muscles that will interfere with your best sound. Sing as freely as you can as your allow the breath to carry the sound to the ears of your listeners.

Have fun!!!! Singing is fun!! If you are having fun, your audience will have fun too. Be real, and be about them.  Give them a great experience and they will love you, even if you have a few bobbles. Sing with emotion and feeling, and they will be right there with you, because they are there to experience something as they listen to music. Sing with all of your heart and you will all have a great time!

It would be my great joy and privilege to help you find your own amazing voice. You are very important to me, and helping you become the best singer you can be is one of my greatest passions. Join and let me take you step by step to your own amazing sound. You will be so happy with your results!

Happy singing!!!


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Apr 17

Can Anyone Learn to Sing Better?

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

18933054-woman-karaoke-singing-with-a-microphone--isolated-over-a-white-background Can anyone learn to sing better? The answer is a definite yes! Of course anyone can learn to sing better with a little help and determination. All it takes is a desire to become a better singer, the willingness to give it some time and effort, and a good vocal coach.

There are several things that can really improve one’s singing voice. Anyone who can hear music can learn to hear their own voice in order to improve in singing. I have taught several students who thought they were tone deaf, when actually they were only deaf to the sound of their own voices. Once we determined that to be the problem, I would have them sing a note, find that note on the piano, and proceed to help them move up and down the scale, only progressing to the next note once they matched the first. Some of them were unable to match the played note, but could learn to match my voice. From there we would progress to small scales, and then to easy songs. I never let them just stab at the notes, but always take plenty of time to perfect each and every pitch.

I am a stickler for pitch, and every student of mine that has had trouble finding pitches or staying right in the center of the pitch has overcome this problem. With some it takes longer than others, but I have yet to meet a person who wants to sing that can’t learn to sing a song and sound good or even great!

The first thing to do when trying to correct pitch problems is to train your ear to hear your own voice. Very often, people with pitch problems can hear when others are off, but just have never thought about listening to their own voice. Have you ever heard someone singing along with karaoke, thinking they are sounding great, but actually singing nowhere near the pitch or even in the correct key? This is what I am talking about. I have had so many students come into my studio and sing a song in this way without having any idea that they are not singing well. So we begin with matching pitches until they learn to hear their own voice singing the correct pitches.

The next step to great pitch and all around great singing is to eliminate tension and remove restrictions.

One of my favorite ways to start my students on the path to freedom is to practice the following exercise. relax your tongue and jaw and give it a try!

I would love to help you find your own amazing voice!  Take a free lesson and let’s get started today!

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Apr 15

Michael Castro Singing Rising Son

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

This is Michael Castro and Emmy goofing around during rehearsal at church. They are always on social media trying to include their fans in all they do. I thought you might enjoy their broadcast from my perspective! I love leading worship with them – they are two of my very favorite students! Enjoy this little tidbit and please check out my free lesson and allow me to help you find your own amazing voice!

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Apr 12

Michael Castro Singing “This Grace”

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Here is Michael Castro singing “This Grace” at with us at church.
I thought you might enjoy a little look into Michael Castro, Emmy Davis, Danny Davis, me (Suzanne Davis), and our Band rehearsing for our Saturday night service. This is currently one of my favorite worship songs and I am getting to sing it with some of my favorite students! You can hear another one of my favorites, Kristian Stanfill, singing it on YouTube. Check it out – it is just great, and you will love it!

If you would like to let me help you find your own amazing voice, take a free lesson and check out all of the other free stuff. Helping your find your own free and unrestricted voice is one of my greatest passions! Results guaranteed if you do your part 🙂
See you soon!

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Apr 11

Michael Castro/Emmy Davis Singing Rising Son by All Sons and Daughters

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Here are two of my favorite students rehearsing Rising Son by All Sons and Daughters as we prepare for tonight’s worship service. They are always videoing for one form of social media or another, but they will be fully engaged when the service starts. They are wonderful people with hearts for God and love for their fellow man. I hope you enjoy this little snippet. If you would like to watch their video of this song, you can find it on YouTube – just search Michael Castro and Emmy Davis. Michael grew up in our church and is a life long friend, and Emmy is my lovely daughter. I have had the joy of coaching both of them for several years, and it is such fun to watch them do their things.

Check out some free lessons!!!

I would love to help you find your own amazing voice!!!

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Apr 06

Big Daddy Weave – Redeemed

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Big Daddy Weave RedeemedWe had the wonderful privilege of having Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave leading worship with us this Easter. He has been a long time favorite songwriter and singer because he writes great songs and is an amazing singer with a truly beautiful heart and joyous spirit. He is the real deal and humble to the bone. He sings with more heart than almost anyone I can think of. He lives out the message of Jesus Christ and glorifies God with his great musical gifting and gentle spirit. Our people were greatly moved through the message of his song, Redeemed.

Like all of his songs, this one has a message of the hope we have through our Lord Jesus Christ who loved us so much that he gave his life to pay the debt of our sins. Through his death and resurrection we can have forgiveness of sins, a brand new life in a relationship with him, and everlasting life in Heaven one day. Our old lives are forgiven, our sins are washed away by the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, and our he gives us a new, clean heart. All we have to do is believe that he is the perfect son of God who became the sacrifice for our sins by dying on the cross, and that on the third day after his death, God raised him from the dead and he is alive today. If you believe these things, just receive the free gift of salvation by asking God to forgive you of your sins and asking Jesus to come into your heart and be the boss of your life. He promises to live within you and to never leave you or forsake you. He will redeem your life and make you whole. He will give you hope and purpose. Listen to Big Daddy Weave sing about this in his song called Redeemed on the link below. You will be so glad that you did. He is an amazing singer. Just amazing. I would invite you to watch the entire Easter service if you would like to understand more about God’s love for you and how to enter into a relationship with him through his son Jesus Christ.

Mike’s song  Redeemed is just before the message, (which I would encourage you to listen to because it could change your life), and then he sings Bethel’s song called No Longer Slaves. Our worship team, Danny Davis, Emmy Davis, Michael Castro, and I get to sing with him on this one. What a powerful song made even more so by the voice and emotion of Mike Weaver!

One other cool thing is that he asked me to coach him while he prepares to record his upcoming album! That is fun for me!

I would love to help you with all things vocal. I would love to help you find your own amazing voice and help you find the path to your amazing life.

Happy Singing!






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