How Much Water Should a Singer Drink?

how much water should a singer drinkHow much water should a singer drink? And what’s the big deal anyway? Do you ever wonder why drinking water plays such an important role in the vocal health and longevity of a singer? This information will be helpful to you and hopefully encourage to include drinking more water in you r daily life as you become the very best singer you can be.

Ideally, you should drink about 8 glasses of water per day. Just pure clean water. If your pee is clear, then you are well hydrated. But be sure & don’t overdo the drinking, because that can be unhealthy too. Just land right in the middle – around 8 glasses of pure water a day will do the job.

The water you drink won’t go immediately to hydrate your vocal folds because there are many organs and other body parts that require hydration so that you can live. It is best to begin hydrating early in the day and then spread it throughout the day to maintain optimum hydration. I like to keep a full glass of water beside my bed and drink it first thing in the morning. That is good for the body in many ways, so drink up starting early in the day!

Drinking plenty of water will keep the vocal folds nice and supple and help prevent swelling in that delicate tissue. If the vocal folds are not properly hydrated, the mucosal fluids that cover and protect them from the friction caused as they meet together when you produce sound will not be nice and thin. This can leave some areas of the vocal folds unprotected. You want the mucous to be nice and thin so that it will spread evenly over the vocal folds instead of just blobbing here and there.


how much water should you drink

To picture this, place a few little dots of vaseline along the outside of both ring fingers. Place them side by side to simulate your vocal folds. Can you see that if you rubbed your fingers together, the unprotected portions of your fingers would eventually develop blisters? But if you cover them completely with the vaseline, you can rub them together without causing any problems. If you stay well hydrated, your mucosal fluids will spread evenly and completely cover and protect your vocal folds from future problems caused by friction.

The friction that occurs on the unprotected tissue can cause swelling, leading to hoarseness, and possibly even things you really don’t want – like polyps and nodes! You really can prevent a lot of vocal problems if you will just discipline yourself to drink plenty of water throughout each day.

If you drink a cup of coffee or another caffeinated beverage, you have to drink an equal amount of water to compensate for the dehydrating effect of caffeine. Go ahead and have a morning cup of coffee, but opt for water or herbal teas the rest of the day. One great idea is to keep a full glass of water beside your bed and drink it up first thing in the morning, before you get out of bed. Then have another while you make your breakfast. Not only will you already have downed 2 glasses, but you will begin to feel energy coursing through your veins as you give your body the water it craves. Your skin will become dewy and clear and your voice will feel better than ever!

Water is great for your singing, so DO IT! I would love to  help you with finding your own amazing voice. Your health and longevity as a singer are of upmost importance to me!

Here’s to healthy vocal folds! Drink up!

Happy singing!