What Is This?

This USED to be a subscription-based online voice lessons service with extremely rapid results. Like today.

But now, IT’S FREE!!!!

For no cost whatsoever, you get professional vocal coaching via video, with the teacher taking you through a lesson like you’re in the room with her.

Even though we both know you’re not.

How does it work?


COST :: Nothing!

After you join TheProSinger, here’s what will be available to you:

1 VIDEO VOICE LESSON EVERY WEEK FOR 10 WEEKS :: each lesson is approx. 10-20 minutes long, and you can watch them in any order you want. You can also go back and watch over and over as much as you want or need to. We recommend a week delay in between each lesson, so you’ll have time to work on the current assignments of each lesson. Did you ever have a teacher that gave you a whole week for homework? Didn’t think so.

VOCAL EXERCISES and WEEKLY VOCAL TIPS :: always available, and coming at you…

•OTHER FREE STUFF :: there will often be other downloadable helps & resources available, depending on the current lesson, as well as special limited time offers. And guess what… it’ll be free! Which is why we call it ‘free stuff.’

That’s it! It’s simple, and awesome! So now, do this:

1. Join now! Click on the JOIN NOW at the bottom of any page to join.

2. Watch Lesson 1

3. Practice your lesson for a week, retaking it as often as you like.

4. Don’t forget to utilize some of Suzanne’s vocal warm-ups every day!

5. A week later, take your next lesson. Repeat every week.

6. Watch out for more free stuff at any time!

That’s all there is to it! Do it now, & sing better today!

all we need is your email address in the form below, and you’re ready to go!