Hip Opener For Better Singing Breath

TheProSinger.com’s Suzanne Davis takes you through a nice stretch series that opens the hips for better singing breath. We know that you are busy living your life, and that sometimes your schedule can leave little time to take care of yourself. Do take some time each day to do some of the body opening and stretching exercises Suzanne has given you. Not only will they help you to find your best singing breath and ultimately your own amazing voice, they will bring blood flow and oxygen to every cell of your body. This will bring health and healing to to your body, while calming and resetting your nervous system. So take some time each day and you will have a better, more energetic mind and body. Oh, and the cherry on top is that you will have proper breath support galore for your voice! Turn on your favorite chill music, take a few minutes, and breathe. You are worth it!

Happy Singing!