Finding Resonant Center – O Holy Night


Using the song “O Holy Night,” Suzanne introduces the Mohm series which helps with finding your resonant center, as well as the full resonance in your voice. The Mohms will help you find your natural sound that will be a continuation of your speaking voice, so not only will you be singing correctly, you will be speaking correctly as well.

You will be learning how to start your sound from the top ,rather than pushing from the bottom, and how to trust yourself and completely let go of the tension in your voice so that it just sails clear and free. Suzanne will demonstrate how to use your best vowel to sound your best on every word that you sing. She will help you avoid consonant traps and you will be amazed when you feel the ease and hear your beautiful sound.

In today’s lesson, Suzanne begins showing you how to apply this lesson as well as the previous lessons to a song, so that you can begin applying the freedom you have been finding in your singing to the songs you want to sing. This is a great lesson and will truly help you release tension and find your own amazing voice!

Happy Singing!