Warm-Up Stretches for Singers

In this video, Warm-Up Stretches For Singers, Suzanne takes you through a series of stretches designed to eradicate tension in the neck and shoulders, enabling you to melt away stress and breathe properly for great singing. Tension in the body creates tension in the voice, so it is important to take time to care for your body so that you can sing your best for a lifetime! Not only will you sing better, you feel better and enjoy better health as you care for your body by ridding it of tension and allowing blood to flow freely through all of your tissues, bringing warmth and healing.  Practice with the videos on good posture in combination with these stretches for ultimate health and freedom of singing. Set aside time daily for this stretching series and you will reap great rewards in how you sound and how you feel!  These stretches are wonderfully therapeutic in helping overcome daily stresses as well as healing injuries. You are worth it, so take this time for yourself.  Relax, breathe, and focus on softening your muscles and letting the tension just melt away!