Yoga Strap Tension Release for Singers

The yoga strap tensions release for singers is a great way to release tension in the trapezius muscles, enabling you to move your breath from your shoulders and chest easily to your body. This allows you to support your voice in the proper way and makes singing free and easy, completely without effort or restriction. It will help you become so much better at singing!

For this exercise you will need an 8 to nine foot yoga strap, two 6 foot yoga straps linked together, or any sturdy piece of cloth that seems an appropriate substitution to you. The cost is around $6 to $12 for the straps, so if you have something around the house that works for free, by all means go with that! This exercise should be done everyday to help remind your body to let go of the tension in the shoulders and neck that often creep up on us with the responsibilities of our days. Hopefully, this and the many other restorative yoga videos you get when you become a member of will help to reprogram your muscles to relax and the tension to melt away. A relaxed body can really help us find our free and unrestricted voices. YOUR WHOLE BODY IS YOUR INSRUMENT, so take the time to care of it. Your voice will thank you and amaze you for years to come!

Take the time to patiently do the exercises with me until your have them down. Be diligent to do them daily and see how much better you feel and how much better you can sing! Join and you will learn how to remove every restriction that stands between you and your very best singing. You will sound only like the very best version of yourself, and you will sing better for decades! My methods really work and you will see results from the very first day. Once you join, you can even ask me questions and I will respond with tips and videos for members only. We will have a blast learning together!

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I am passionate about helping you find and release your own amazing voice and helping you find joy in your singing.

Happy Singing!!!