Master Your Low Notes

mastering low notes

Would you like to take the time to find your best low notes? Have you ever tried and tried to have more beautiful low notes, only to find that no natter what you do, your lower notes don’t have the warmth, sizzle, freedom, power, tenderness, or depth that you would like? Do you feel that you should be able to sing lower than you are currently able? Are you frustrated that some songs just seem beyond your ability because the range is so big that you can’t mange it, no matter what key you are singing in? Do you feel unwanted tension in your throat, or do your low notes sound sort of froggy, like Kermit the Frog? Or maybe there is just nothing to your low end because you are singing in your “head” voice, never crossing the bridges as you transition from low to high and high to low. Maybe you are singing your low notes with a tight, constricted throat, kind of pushing the sound as hard as you can, leading to a smaller range and muscle discomfort.

Master Your Low Notes

All of these possibilities lead to some kind of vocal roadblock, making it difficult to sing any song to the best of your ability. We all do some of these things some of the time, but I would love to help you find your own free, amazing voice by unlocking the things that are limiters so that your voice is completely free of restrictions. When this happens, you will be able to sing anything you want, and sing it well.

Mastering your low notes is one of the best ways to begin mastering all of your notes. The voice should be connected throughout the registers, with your lowest note available from your highest, and your highest note available from your lowest. This is easily achievable by connecting your registers by building bridges throughout your transition areas, or “breaks”.  One of the best ways to begin is by finding your low notes through release of tongue and jaw tension, allowing the low notes to be felt as vibrations in the face, rather than tension in the throat, tongue, and/or jaw.

To get you started, let’s try this exercise. You will have to be patient and give it time. Your muscles have developed muscle memory, and it takes some time for old habits to let go and new ones to form. Give yourself a break and just know that even if you can’t get it right today, if you keep trying each day, you will get there. It is definitely worth the time and sometimes the frustration, because you will absolutely love the end result!

The first thing to do is to relax your tongue.

Relax you jaw.

With your teeth a little bit apart, and without tightening the tongue or jaw, hum a low note.

Do you feel tension anywhere? If so, just think the note without tightening up anywhere. Practice this until you are able to think the note without feel in g tension. By doing this simple part of the exercise, you are teaching your muscles to relax instead of tightening as you prepare to sing a note.

Once you have mastered thinking the note without feeling any tension, hum the note, allowing the sound to vibrated in your face, keeping your throat, tongue, and jaw relaxed.

Try humming some nice easy songs in a nice low key while keeping this nice free feeling.

It turns out that your best low notes are found in your face, not the back of your throat.

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Happy Singing!