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Feb 24

Can I Get Better at Singing Without Taking Lessons?

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized


Can I get better at singing without taking lessons? I hear this question ALL THE TIME! My short answer is that of course you can get better at singing without taking lessons. You can get better at most things if you put your mind to it and are willing to devote time and energy to developing your skills. You can sing every single day and find your voice improving as you develop it. You will probably have a lot of fun during the process.

You can get better at piano, guitar, or any instrument without taking lessons. You can learn to dance without taking lessons.  You can become an artist, a writer, a speaker, or even a computer genius without taking any lessons. You can play football or baseball without taking any lessons, and probably develop some skills.

However, if you want to have great form and become the very best at your craft, it is very helpful to have someone teaching or coaching you as you go so that you can achieve your very best.  Even professional athletes have had and continue to have great coaches helping them to be their very best.  Great actors have great coaches.  Most professional singers have had ,and many continue to have, great coaches and teachers.  Can they get better without a coach?  Perhaps, but these pros have to stay in top form to keep their voices strong and healthy and able to meet the demands put upon them.


can i get better at singing sans lessonsI think it is very important to have a vocal coach that you can trust to help you develop great freedom in your voice as your become the very best singer you can be. A coach can help identify and remove any restrictions that may be limiting or harming your vocal potential.  It really helps to have another set of ears that have been trained to hear those limiters.  She will be able to give you helpful methods to find pure and delightful vocal freedom and you will be so excited with the results!!!

Although you can get better at singing on your own, you will see faster and better results if you take some time to work with a vocal coach that you trust.  If you don’t have one where you live that you trust and with whom you’ve seen others have good results, then you have come to the right place.  I have developed a series of online lessons that come to you one at a time, once a week. The lessons build upon one another, so it is important to start from the beginning and work on each lesson as it comes to you.  You can’t skip ahead, but you can always go back and work on previous lessons.  These are designed to help everyone, from beginner to pro, and you will definitely get great results.  Your great singing and longevity as a singer are of utmost importance to me, so I have made these lessons very affordable so that hopefully everyone can benefit.  I really care about you and would love to help you find your own amazing voice!!!

Happy Singing!!