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Mar 24

Voice Lessons Online

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Voice lessons online can offer a great and affordable way to improve your singing voice as long as you find a great teacher who teaches healthy vocal practices that will last you a lifetime.

online voice lessons

There are many options out there these days for online lessons, and while you can benefit from scrolling around on YouTube and vocal websites, it is highly recommended that you find a teacher that you like and then stick with them. Vocal techniques can vary from teacher to teacher, and studying with more than one teacher at a time can cause you great confusion and essentially get you nowhere near your own best singing. Most voice teachers won’t teach you live if you are studying with another teacher because it will confuse you, and waste your time and money. I have talked to many teachers who share this view, and as a voice teacher myself, I have to agree. It’s not that I always (though sometimes) disagree with the technique being taught to my student from another teacher, it’s just that we may be working on different strengths and weaknesses in different ways and at different times.  This can cause the student to become confused, frustrated, and ultimately mess him or her up rather than build a great voice.

One way to be sure you agree with your teacher’s technique is to listen to as many of his or her students sing as much as you can. You will want to be sure that each singer sounds unique, and not like they are trying to sound a certain way, or trying to sound like the teacher or even like each other. Everyone has their own amazing voice and this should be encouraged by the teacher or vocal coach. You will want to be certain that their voices sound free from restrictions and full of emotion. You will want to hear your teacher sing to be sure that the technique they teach has not injured or aged their voice, because, ultimately, that could happen to you if you have an unhealthy approach to singing.  You will want to study with someone who has your longevity in mind, not just short term power house singing.

If you can’t afford private voice lessons, or can’t find a teacher in your area that teaches a technique that will only set your voice completely free and allow you to sing any style you choose in your own amazing voice, then online voice lessons are a great option for you.

TheProSinger.com offers the very best online vocal lessons, offering a lot of free short lessons, stretches to help singers and instrumentalists undo the stress and tension that can interfere with your best performance, articles on all things singing, plus a members area.  In the members area you will receive a weekly lesson, designed to release all tensions and restrictions you may have, and then set you on the path to your very best singing ever, no matter your style,or age.

Suzanne is a premier vocal coach with over 30 years experience setting free the voices of thousands of singers, while maintaining her live voice studio and singing for thousands of people each weekend. Her own voice is healthy and sounds way younger than her years, which is a good indicator that her method is one that will benefit you. Her lessons are designed to free your voice, emotions, and body, so that you effectively communicate with your audience in a way that will draw them in and keep them coming for more.

Of course, if you want to join TheProSinger.com and benefit from Suzanne’s great teaching, you can always schedule a SKYPE lesson from time to time if you want personal input from Suzanne.

Take  FREE LESSON, check out the other free stuff, and join TheProSinger.com family and begin your journey to finding your own amazing voice.

Happy Singing!!!




Mar 15

How to Sing Without Straining Your Voice

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

how t sing without straining your voiceWant to learn to how to sing without straining your voice? Would you like to sing with the same ease you feel when you speak? It is possible to sing without feeling any tension, pain, strain, or any other limitation that we so often place on our voices when trying to find our best sound.

The secret to great singing is to sing without effort and this can be easily achieved with proper training and practice. The first step to freedom in singing is to teach the back of the tongue and the jaw to relax. They are not invited to the party when it comes to creating your best vocal sound. Most singers start out using the muscles of the tongue, jaw, and throat to produce a note. This is not the correct way to produce vocal sounds and will cause vocal strain, reduced range, pitch problems, vocal fatigue, less heart and emotion, thinner tone, a reduction in volume flexibilty, and ultimately even things like vocal polyps and vocal nodes. Proper care of the voice is extremely important to the quality and longevity of the voice.

The quickest track to finding complete freedom from straining your voice when singing is to spend time regularly throughout each day training the muscles of the tongue and jaw to relax as you go about your regular routine. If you can develop the new habit of relaxed muscles when you talk, sit at your computer, play your guitar, cook, exercise, or whatever you are doing, the muscles of the body will naturally take the work load and your will begin to effortlessly support your voice the correct way, with the diaphragm and supporting muscles. We were born to breathe and support our voices this way, so your body and the muscles of your overworked throat will thank you as they develop this new muscle memory. So initially, your job is to let go of the old muscle memory as you develop this more natural muscle memory.


Try this exercise all day long and you will be feeling less vocal strain before you know it!

1.Relax your jaw, as if you have fallen asleep and your jaw has gone completely slack.

2. Relax the back of your tongue and allow the tip of the tongue to lay against the bottom teeth. You can allow your tongue to lay on the lower lip if that helps you to find a more relaxed feeling.

3. Allow your breath to move into your belly, ultimately all the way to the lower back and sit bones.

4. Think a note. Can you just think that note without feeling any tightening in you throat, the back of your tongue, or in your jaw?

Ideally you would refrain from singing the note until you can think it without tension. Taking the time to retrain your muscles without making sound is a faster way to find your free sound than singing over and over using the muscles that cause you to feel strained in the first place.

I would love to take you on a wonderful journey to find complete freedom in your own natural, amazing voice! I have worked with thousands of amazing singers and would love to help you too!

Happy Singing!


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Try this exercise once you can relax the tongue and jaw: