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Mar 03

How to Sing with Emotion and Heart

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Sing with Emotion and Heart
Have you ever wondered how you could sing with more emotion and heart? It’s the emotion and heart in a singer’s voice that determines the outcome of the performance: whether the audience is truly moved, or just mildly entertained.  Wouldn’t you love to be a singer who can absolutely captivate your audience and connect with them in a deeply emotional way? You absolutely can! And it’s really not that hard, as long as you are willing to be vulnerable, transparent, and real.


Here are a few tips to get you going:

1. Sing in your own voice.

We want to hear your voice, not your idea of what you think you should sound like. Don’t make up a sound, or even try to copy someone else’s.  Be yourself. An easy and extremely effective way to do this is simply to say the words of the line your are going to sing. Say the line, then sing it just like you say it, so you are essentially speaking – only on pitch. So say it, then sing it. Practice this until you feel that you are singing in the same easy place that you speak, and that you are using the same kind of natural inflections as you communicate the words of the song.

2. Choose songs you love to sing and that mean something to you.

If you want to put across passion, you have to feel it yourself. It is important that you can connect to the song both musically and emotionally if you are going to be able to truly and effectively communicate with emotion and heart.

3. Get out of your head.

This one can be a little tricky, because we are often worried about sounding good, looking just right, remembering the lyrics, and a host of other distracting thoughts! This is where preparation really pays off!  Practice, and be totally prepared before you perform. Once you are in front of your audience, put the technicalities as far out of your mind as you can, and sing from your heart, not your brain. You can count on muscle memory for the technical issues, but you can’t memorize heart and feeling!

4. Step out of your comfort zone and be vulnerable.

This one takes some guts, but the payoff is so huge that it is worth taking the chance. Unzip the box that holds you in check, step out, and let it go. Don’t worry about feeling embarrassed or like you are over doing the emotion. If you feel that way, then you may be almost there:) Let yourself feel the music and the message, then just let it our with all of your heart. We want to hear your heart!

5. Create an experience for  your audience.

After all, this is about them, not you. What a relief! All you have to do is get out of the way, and deliver an opportunity for them to experience the meaning of the song and the beauty of the music. If you can think about it that way, you will be able to step out of fear and trembling into freedom and beauty! It is so much fun and you can do it!

Happy Singing!



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