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Apr 17

Can Anyone Learn to Sing Better?

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

18933054-woman-karaoke-singing-with-a-microphone--isolated-over-a-white-background Can anyone learn to sing better? The answer is a definite yes! Of course anyone can learn to sing better with a little help and determination. All it takes is a desire to become a better singer, the willingness to give it some time and effort, and a good vocal coach.

There are several things that can really improve one’s singing voice. Anyone who can hear music can learn to hear their own voice in order to improve in singing. I have taught several students who thought they were tone deaf, when actually they were only deaf to the sound of their own voices. Once we determined that to be the problem, I would have them sing a note, find that note on the piano, and proceed to help them move up and down the scale, only progressing to the next note once they matched the first. Some of them were unable to match the played note, but could learn to match my voice. From there we would progress to small scales, and then to easy songs. I never let them just stab at the notes, but always take plenty of time to perfect each and every pitch.

I am a stickler for pitch, and every student of mine that has had trouble finding pitches or staying right in the center of the pitch has overcome this problem. With some it takes longer than others, but I have yet to meet a person who wants to sing that can’t learn to sing a song and sound good or even great!

The first thing to do when trying to correct pitch problems is to train your ear to hear your own voice. Very often, people with pitch problems can hear when others are off, but just have never thought about listening to their own voice. Have you ever heard someone singing along with karaoke, thinking they are sounding great, but actually singing nowhere near the pitch or even in the correct key? This is what I am talking about. I have had so many students come into my studio and sing a song in this way without having any idea that they are not singing well. So we begin with matching pitches until they learn to hear their own voice singing the correct pitches.

The next step to great pitch and all around great singing is to eliminate tension and remove restrictions.

One of my favorite ways to start my students on the path to freedom is to practice the following exercise. relax your tongue and jaw and give it a try!

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Happy Singing!




Mar 14

Singing Lessons in Los Angeles

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Los angelos singing lessonss Looking for singing lessons in Los Angeles? There are, of course, many very expensive voice teachers in the Los Angeles area, but not everyone can afford to pay for private lessons…

Never fear – TheProSinger to the rescue!  These online lessons are the very best you can find anywhere, and will help you find your own amazing voice like nothing else you have tried. Suzanne can help you achieve vocal greatness with results beginning from the very first lesson at an unbelievably low cost that most anyone can afford.

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Then check out the free vocal warm-up below that will help you find freedom from the tensions and restrictions that may be interfering with your best sound!

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Mar 13

Good Singing Lessons, Free Online Voice Lessons

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

free singing lessons onlineIf you are searching for good singing lessons, free online voice lessons, then you have come to the right place. When searching for online lessons, you need to look first of all for a teacher that will help you remove tensions and restrictions  from your singing, rather than giving you many exercises without describing in detail how to relax the right muscles and allow the body to support the sound. Too much talk about placement, lifting the palate, supporting with the diaphragm, enunciation, opening the mouth, rounding the consonants, and vocal compression can cause a singer to develop much more tension and restriction rather than the desired freedom and release. There are a lot of voice teachers who are still teaching these methods, so it is important to do your research before signing up with any vocal coach. The teacher really can make or break you as a singer, so take care of yourself.

Good singing lessons will help you achieve greater range, no pain in your high notes, better low and high notes. Your break will be eliminated and you will sing with a full and connected voice rather than a false, airy one. Your high notes will be easily accessible from your low range, and your low notes from your high range. You will sing with much more emotion and heart as freedom from tension becomes your norm. The natural beauty in your voice will make it from the back of your throat to the ears of the listener, rather than being stuck in the swallowing muscles. Your body will naturally begin to support your sound in the proper way that humans were designed. Your pitch will become perfect as you let go of restrictions and muscle tension. Your speaking voice and your singing voice will line up, so that you can communicate more effectively by using the natural placement and flow of speech singing.

Good singing lessons will challenge you, but also encourage you. You should feel that you are important to your teacher and that your best is what she desires. Each person has a unique sound with unique restrictions, so look for an online teacher that addresses many things and doesn’t only offer a few lessons as a complete program. At TheProsinger.com, you will find great lessons from a caring and very experienced teacher.  Suzanne understands that not everyone learns in the same way, and her lessons are very easy to understand and put into practice. On the website you will find many free articles and videos, but if you really want to move forward and become the very best singer you can be, then join TheProSinger.com and receive a new lesson each week, designed to build lesson upon lesson, and ongoing as long as you care to be in membership.  The lessons will just keep coming and you will continue to learn and grow.  Whether you are already a pro singer or are just beginning, these lessons are for you and will truly help you find your own amazing voice!

Happy Singing!


To get a head start on improving your range, try the exercise below on me!

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