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Feb 27

How to Sing Like a Pro – TheProSinger Online Voice Lessons

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

Would you like to learn how to sing like a pro?  TheProSinger.com is the place for YOU to become the pro singer.  Suzanne is a premier vocal coach/voice teacher, who has helped thousands of singers find their own amazing voices through her gift of setting people’s voices free.  Her lessons are not your typical scales and arpeggios over and over again.  Her method is to first unlock and remove any restrictions that you may have in your voice.  Things that are preventing you from enjoying your full range, both high and low.  Things that may be causing you to get stuck in your head voice and not be able to get to your lowest notes.  Things that cause you to tighten up as you move to your higher range, thus making your high notes, tight, pushed, painful, and unreachable.

how to sing like a pro-theprosinger online voicelessons

Perhaps your throat feels tight and uncomfortable when you sing.  Perhaps your sound is caught on the back of your tongue, preventing the wonderful heart of your sound from reaching your listeners, and limiting the emotional expression as you sing.  Perhaps you have trouble hitting pitches. Perhaps your dynamic range is limited.  Perhaps you sound like a different singer between your high and low range.

Maybe you fatigue easily as you sing.  Maybe the higher a song goes, the faster your voice tires out on you. Maybe your pitch begins to sag and your muscles tighten to the point of pain. Maybe you get physically tired because your posture is poor and you can’t properly support your voice.  Maybe some songs just seem to hard for you to sing.  Maybe one verse or chorus sings easily, but another in the same song is difficult.  Maybe you just get frustrated and think you’ll never wound like a pro.

how to sing like a pro

It might be that your sound is harsh and nasal. Or it might be that your sound is too airy and has no resonant center.  It might be that your lower notes are full and strong, but your high notes are disconnected and false (what most call head voice). O fit might be that your high notes are easy and free, but you can’t find the pathway to your glorious low notes, so they have no depth to them. It might be that your only sing within a very small range because you think you just can’t sing that high or that low. Or it might be that sometimes  you just get frustrated with the whole process and want to give up altogether.

Sometimes singing might seem like a lot of work and effort.  Sometimes it may seem that no matter how much you practice and work hard to improve, you singing just doesn’t become effortless, fun, and natural. Sometimes the thing that should bring you and others so much joy just brings defeat.

Do any of these things sound familiar to you?  Would you like to remove these restrictions, physically, mentally, and emotionally? Would you like to find your own amazing voice, free of all of the above problems?  I would so love for you to allow me the joy of helping you through my vocal coaching/teaching. Helping you is one of my greatest joys.  I am your biggest fan and encourager.

Join TheProSinger.com and take all of the lessons in the order that they come.  When you join, you will receive one new lesson every week.  The lessons build on one another and you need to spend time on each one before moving on.  Once you receive a lesson, it will always be available for you to revisit, which is a great thing for you to do. You will be amazed at how quickly you begin to experience freedom from restrictions and how your range will increase.  You will find so much freedom of emotion, and your pitch will become right in the pocket.  The beautiful sound of you will be released, and singing will once again become a joy.  Singing will be fun, and you will sound like the very best version of yourself. Uniquely you. The one and only.  I would love nothing more than the opportunity to help you unlock your own amazing voice.

Let’s take this fun and exciting journey together!

Happy Singing!!!