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Apr 22

5 Ways to Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better

By danny | Lessons , Uncategorized

In today’s post, I would like to talk about five ways to make your singing voice sound better, no matter what level of singing you currently find yourself.  These five things will help any singer sound better, whether you are a novice, a pro, or anywhere in between.  Practice these five things, and you will see a positive change in your amazing voice!

5 ways to make your singing voice sound better


1.  Take care of your instrument.

Your whole body is your instrument, so you need to eat lots of green veggies, nuts, fruits, lean protein, and drink plenty of clean clear water. It really is true that you are what you eat. You also need to log plenty of good quality sleep so that your muscles can be properly restored and you cells can be recharged for great health! Then there is everyone’s favorite! You need to get regular exercise so you can be strong and fit to support that glorious voice of yours. Read this article on healthy vocal habits. Taking care of your body will show in your singing, your physical appearance, and your energy levels will soar, which is great news for any performer!

how to be better singer

2. Warm up and practice every day.

You should definitely warm up your voice every day before you sing or speak in order to avoid strain and other vocal problems. Preventing vocal problems is key, because recouping after developing vocal issues is no fun! Yet is it great news that many of these issues can be taken care of with good vocal therapy. Warming up and practicing every day, taking care not to sing when the voice feels weak or needs rest, never yelling, or doing anything that feels bad to your voice will definitely lead to a lifetime of painless and wonderful singing!

3. Make sure that you are singing on pitch.

Singing on pitch is very important to becoming a listenable singer, and, believe it or not, I have never come across a truly tone deaf person in all of my years of teaching thousands of singers.  Most of the time, singing off pitch is a result of not listening to one’s own voice. Sometimes people will just sing away without much thought as to whether or not they are actually hitting the pitches. Sometimes people are trying so hard to hit pitches that they create such tension that good pitch becomes impossible. Learning to sing without tension will really help to naturally correct the problem of bad pitch. I have seen this work time and time again with my students. Releasing tension in the jaw, tongue, throat, neck, and shoulders can result in corrected pitch. Try it and see! Not only will your pitch improve, your range will increase both high and low. It’s so cool!!!

4. Choose songs that fit your voice, both in style and in range.

Every great singer knows his or her limitations and stays within them during performances. Through my members only lessons, your limitations will be greatly diminished as your range, power, dynamic capabilities, emotional connection, pitch, tone quality, and all other things vocal improve in amazing ways. In the meantime, choose to perform songs in a key that doesn’t cause you to strain. Choose songs that seem natural to your own voice, and sing them in your own way. Don’t be a copycat. Find your own natural voice and develop it through practice and great coaching. Choose songs that hit home with you so that you can freely express the lyric and music with authentic emotion and feeling. When you sing in your own voice, there is nothing like it. Your listeners will be moved because your heart will come through your own amazing voice!

Unknown-45. Let the sound go.

Most of us want to listen and check the first pitch of each phrase before we let go and actually sing. Kind of like sneaking in. The problem with that is it creates tension in the throat, causing an avalanche of problems before you even get past the first phrase of the song.  A good little trick to help with this is to put your  index  fingers on either side of your mouth, and make sure the sound starts and stays past your fingers as you sing. This will help you use your body to support the sound and keep you from tightening the wrong muscles that will interfere with your best sound. Sing as freely as you can as your allow the breath to carry the sound to the ears of your listeners.

Have fun!!!! Singing is fun!! If you are having fun, your audience will have fun too. Be real, and be about them.  Give them a great experience and they will love you, even if you have a few bobbles. Sing with emotion and feeling, and they will be right there with you, because they are there to experience something as they listen to music. Sing with all of your heart and you will all have a great time!

It would be my great joy and privilege to help you find your own amazing voice. You are very important to me, and helping you become the best singer you can be is one of my greatest passions. Join TheProSinger.com and let me take you step by step to your own amazing sound. You will be so happy with your results!

Happy singing!!!


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Apr 17

Can Anyone Learn to Sing Better?

By Suzanne Davis | Uncategorized

18933054-woman-karaoke-singing-with-a-microphone--isolated-over-a-white-background Can anyone learn to sing better? The answer is a definite yes! Of course anyone can learn to sing better with a little help and determination. All it takes is a desire to become a better singer, the willingness to give it some time and effort, and a good vocal coach.

There are several things that can really improve one’s singing voice. Anyone who can hear music can learn to hear their own voice in order to improve in singing. I have taught several students who thought they were tone deaf, when actually they were only deaf to the sound of their own voices. Once we determined that to be the problem, I would have them sing a note, find that note on the piano, and proceed to help them move up and down the scale, only progressing to the next note once they matched the first. Some of them were unable to match the played note, but could learn to match my voice. From there we would progress to small scales, and then to easy songs. I never let them just stab at the notes, but always take plenty of time to perfect each and every pitch.

I am a stickler for pitch, and every student of mine that has had trouble finding pitches or staying right in the center of the pitch has overcome this problem. With some it takes longer than others, but I have yet to meet a person who wants to sing that can’t learn to sing a song and sound good or even great!

The first thing to do when trying to correct pitch problems is to train your ear to hear your own voice. Very often, people with pitch problems can hear when others are off, but just have never thought about listening to their own voice. Have you ever heard someone singing along with karaoke, thinking they are sounding great, but actually singing nowhere near the pitch or even in the correct key? This is what I am talking about. I have had so many students come into my studio and sing a song in this way without having any idea that they are not singing well. So we begin with matching pitches until they learn to hear their own voice singing the correct pitches.

The next step to great pitch and all around great singing is to eliminate tension and remove restrictions.

One of my favorite ways to start my students on the path to freedom is to practice the following exercise. relax your tongue and jaw and give it a try!

I would love to help you find your own amazing voice!  Take a free lesson and let’s get started today!

Happy Singing!