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Sep 03

Singing has always been one of my  great passions.  I began singing in front of people at the age of three, and now, many years later, I am still singing for a living.  In all humility I can say that I am singing better than I ever have, and my passion has only grown more with each passing year. Have you found that the longer you sing the more you love to sing? Wouldn’t you love to sing better and better with each passing year?

One of the main reasons that I am still able to sing at a higher level is that I have always taken great care of my body and my voice. The whole body is involved in good singing, so if you haven’t been eating right, exercising, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well and limiting stress, then start today!  You will notice great changes in how you look and feel, and you will have much more energy to sing well.

If you look at the habits of some of the greatest singers and performers of our time, you will see they are very disciplined about the food they eat, adequate daily exercise,  hydration, and vocal care. Many of them have a favorite vocal coach that travels with them to help them stay in top vocal form.  Many have chefs and personal trainers to keep their bodies in amazing shape. That would be nice wouldn’t it? Many of the top performing acts are now well into their sixties, seventies, and even eighties, yet they sound better than ever!

The older a singer grows, the more life experiences they can draw from to express the deepest emotions that only music can evoke.   The ability to express thoughts, feelings, and emotion through song is an amazing gift.  To connect with an audience on such a deep level is so exciting and humbling. Wouldn’t you love to have such a long singing career that when others are beginning to think about retiring, you are just beginning to become your best? Wouldn’t it be fun to be so strong and fit that you appear younger than your years?  Wouldn’t you love for your voice to maintain the beauty and agility of youth?  These things are all possible if you are willing to be disciplined and protective of your God-given instrument.

The ability to express thoughts, feelings, and emotion through song is an amazing gift.  To connect with an audience on such a deep level is so exciting and humbling. It is my great pleasure to help educate other singers on good vocal care and practices, as well as give tips on good nutrition and exercises designed to keep the whole body in tip top condition, because the whole body is involved in great singing.

Vocal health and longevity are two subjects with which my students are very familiar.  The way you treat your voice today determines the length of your singing career. Good vocal practices are also  important in the prevention of vocal ailments such as polyps and vocal nodes.  Let me give you eight tips that can get you started today on your journey to a long life of great singing!

1.  Get adequate sleep.  The voice is the first place to show fatigue.  Though it is not always possible, sleeping between the    hours of 11 and 7 is most beneficial to take advantage of your body’s nightly natural repair.

2.  Drink plenty of water to keep mucas thin and the body well hydrated.  Limit caffeine to one or two drinks a day and add the same amount of water to rehydrate since caffeine is a natural diuretic.

3.  Try not to yell and talk over loud music or loud conversation in rooms filled with people.  Taking care of your voice is a 24 hour a day job.

4.  Properly warm up your voice first thing in the morning before speaking so that you are set up for the day.  Speaking correctly is as important as singing correctly.

5.  Never sing before warming up your voice with whatever exercise feels the best to you on a particular day.

6.  Avoid foods that cause you indigestion because the acid can back up onto your vocal folds and cause damage.  Try to finish eating two to three hours before going to bed.

7.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables to flood your cells with healthy antioxidants.

8.  Be sure when you sing that your tongue and jaw are free from tension and that you feel no stress or tightness in your throat.  This will help you to find the natural and correct way to let your body support your singing.

If you would like for me to help you with all of this and more, come check out some of my lessons that are designed with you in mind!  It would bring me so much joy to help you find your own, natural, free, authentic, and amazing voice.

Happy Singing!







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