Breathing Exercise for Better Singing

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Nov 24

Here’s a great little breathing exercise to help you sing better!


Breathing Exercise for Better Singing

Get a pretty good sized book, like a dictionary, or even a little stack of several books will work. You’ll love this next part. Lie down on the floor. Seriously! Bend your knees so that your back is flat against floor.  Isn’t that great?

There are two reasons that you need to lie down sometimes when you are practicing your breathing. Three if you include the fact that it is relaxing and wonderful to get to lie down and relax while accomplishing something as great as becoming a better singer!

The other two reasons are simple.

1. This is a picture of perfect posture.  Great alignment is key in breathing well, while supporting the voice and being able to sing without restriction.

2. It is very hard to breathe shallowly in your chest while lying down, thus enabling you to find a more relaxed belly breath.

This brings us to the point of this exercise which is learning to support your sound using your body instead of the muscles of your throat, jaw, shoulders, neck, or tongue.

Now that you are lying down, place the book on the center of your belly.

Completely relax.  Pretend your are falling asleep.  Notice how your heath moves from your chest to your belly. Notice how the book rises and falls gently and naturally.

Now take a breath and notice that the book rises on the intake.

Make a hissing sound through your teeth as you exhale  and try to gently resist letting the book collapse.  Don’t push or squeeze.  Just try to let your body continue to feel open.

When you are almost out of breath, release your abdominal muscles and then take a comfortable breath and continue this relaxing exercise for several breaths.

This exercise should feel very relaxed.  You will feel some work in your abs and lower back as your natural and proper breathing muscles remember how to do their jobs.

We will talk more about this soon in a video lesson.

Happy Singing!



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