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Aug 20

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Suzanne Davis is one of the leading female vocal coaches in the country, coaching males and females of all ages and abilities.  In the world of professional vocal coaching, she is a stand-out. She sang on her first professional recording session at the age of 17, and never looked back. An in-demand live & studio vocalist in the Dallas area for the past 3 decades, she maintains a vocal coaching studio with an on-going waiting list.

Anyone who has studied with Suzanne will all attest to the fact that she is a world-class vocal coach, constantly innovating new and exciting ways to free up a singer’s voice, release tension, ultimately making them a better singer.

Many vocal students end up sounding like their teacher, because they use vocal manipulation of one kind or another to achieve a “sound.” Suzanne knows that every singer should only sound like themselves – no manipulation necessary! Almost every singer could use a little help releasing the tension and achieving their natural sound, and Suzanne is the expert that makes it happen to many singers every week.

  • Suzanne has been developing her proprietary method over the course of the last 30 years, and her students often experience radical results via this special method very quickly – results like:
    -creation of a seamless voice; high to low and low to high
    -complete freedom in singing
    -finding their own natural, authentic sound
    -great breath control without tension
    -the ability to float – or belt – high notes without having to “switch gears”
    -singing with power
    -the correct way to belt
    -warmth and color throughout the entire range
    -finding that specific vowel that opens up the entire voice
    -large increase in range, both high and low
    -increased stamina in live situations
    -more accurate pitch
    -elimination of your break
    -more emotion in singing, resulting in better communication with audience
    -better stage presence
    -learning to make music out of every note sung, not just singing notes in a song

Too many professional (and amateur) singers are vocally damaged by their 30’s or 40‘s because of bad practices and abuse of the vocal chords. Suzanne’s technique is very healthy for the human voice, and she desires every singer to be their very best at every age – all the way to their 90’s and beyond!

Most singers experience the same difficulties, and often the solution is the same for everybody – which is why THIS PROGRAM WORKS! Suzanne’s ability to break through the barriers and bring out the real, authentic, relaxed, free, natural voice hiding inside so many singers is uncanny, and her giftedness is unmatched. You will thank yourself every day for giving her a shot at helping develop your voice into everything it should be.

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