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Sep 03

free online singing lessons


Welcome to your free online singing lessons at! If you are like me, you probably want to see what your vocal coach has to offer before paying for a lesson or a series of lessons. I would never take lessons from a vocal coach without hearing them sing to be sure that they haven’t ruined their own voice with their techniques, or without making sure their teaching methods are healthful for my own voice.

There are so many “short cut” methods that can build power for the short term, but in the long run can harm the voice and cut short what should have been a life long singing career. It is very important to be sure that your voice teacher cares about your success over the long haul and is not employing methods to create “instant” success. Singing is a life time progression, which is so exciting because you should always be better at it the older you get!

My methods have been tested for over 30 years on thousands of students, and I have yet to teach someone who hasn’t had great improvement in every area of singing. Every day I am coming up with new modes of teaching in order to connect with every student because each person is unique physically, mentally, and emotionally. What makes sense to one person might not be clear to another one, so I incorporate many ways of communicating the same idea so that everyone can become the best singer possible.

No matter where you are starting from, I can help you. Maybe you are just beginning to sing. I can help lay a great foundation and take you to the next level and beyond. Perhaps you have been singing for a long time and are having vocal problems. I will help undo the problems and build you back to vocal health and a lifetime of freedom from those problems. Perhaps you are already a great singer just wishing to stay on your “A game.” It is always a good idea – actually, make that ‘great idea’ – to keep honing your skills.

Perhaps you were once a singer and think it is too late to get your voice back, so you have let go of the joy of singing. You just need to get back into vocal shape, and that is is an easy fix if you are willing to devote some time and energy to your own voice. Maybe you are afraid to try singing because you might not be perfect at it. Well, no one is! That is why we practice our whole lives! I definitely have to practice and am always trying to be better at my craft. Don’t give up! Singing is fun!

Click on my free lesson, and if you like what you learn and want to learn more, join and join the fun!

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