How to Sing Better High Notes, Part 3

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Dec 15

How to ing better high notes part 3One of my favorite students just left my studio on cloud nine because she was able to sing much better high notes after working on the song O Holy Night for her Christmas Eve services next week.  We have been working on opening up her higher range using many exercises, including the lip trills.  She went from being very tight as she moved into the chorus to sailing free and easy.  Even the high note at the end was effortless and beautiful. How did she achieve this ease in singing? By applying months of release techniques to this gorgeous song.  She has been patiently working to find total freedom in her singing and has taken time to let go of the old habits that were holding her back from her most beautiful singing.  Although she has been consistently making big leaps forward each lesson, she knows that retraining muscles takes time and practice.  She had trained the wrong muscles to sort of push her voice and had limited her range and squeezed out a lot of her naturally beautiful sound. She has become so much better at singing!

Today she was getting stuck on a few words and those words were the limiters, not the notes.  She was sort of ” putting on the brakes” as she approached the consonants, which made her tighten up as she would move to to the next word.  For example, when she was singing “Fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices,” she was anticipating the r on the word hear, which caused her to be tight on that higher note. We got her to stay on the ee vowel on the word hear, and to just ignore the r.  The result was amazing, because she was able to keep the breath going all the way through the word and to the end of the phrase, resulting in a free and spinning sound!

Another small adjustment that really helped that high note was to approach the word “fall” as if she were already singing that higher note. She would hold out one hand, palm up, and then point into her palm with the other hand just as she made the sound on the word “fall.” This gave her voice a picture of what she was wanting it to do. It’s really cool how your voice will follow your hands, so a great trick when practicing is to show your voice where to go by using your hands and arms to direct it.

We also used the Mohms to help her approach each note as if she were singing the highest note in the song.  This really helped to take away the shelf that limited her approach from bottom to top. She was trying to start the sound start the sound from the bottom of the note and then pushing the sound up from there. I asked her to sing the song on the word Mohm. She sang Mohm as if the only word in the song was Mohm. Her voice became free and effortless, and moved me to tears.

Would you like to find total freedom in your voice and be able to sing better high notes without tension, effort, or restrictions?  I would love to have the chance to help you do that very thing and so much more!

Check out my video teaching you the Mohm exercises and then see if you can apply that to the song “O Holy Night”.  The Mohms will help you to approach each note freely and without restriction.   Once you can sing the song on the Mohms with no tension, then try singing the real words in the Mohm spot. Try not to say the consonants to the word until the very last second. Stay on the open vowel as long as you can and then use the tip of the tongue, lips, and teeth to say the consonants, while keeping the jaw and back of the tongue relaxed. You will be amazed at the ease that you will begin to feel and you will be excited about how much better you can sing your high notes!

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