How To Sing Better High Notes Without Pain :: Part 1

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Nov 13



One of the most sought after vocal achievements among my students is how to sing better high notes without tension and pain, both personal physical pain and pain to the the ears of the audience.  That was a little joke, but really, we want to make beautiful sounds, don’t we? Our best high notes come from a relaxed tongue, jaw, chest, and shoulders.  We want all of the body to feel open, not tense as if pushing or reaching for those high notes. This allows our breathing to relax and the correct muscles in our bodies can properly support the sound, and ultimately, our high notes can sail like never before!

The easiest way to produce beautiful sounds and extend the range is to relax and get out of the way of the voice. Just let it go!  In reality that seems much easier said than done, so try the following exercises to begin to feel the release that is needed to make your best sounds.  And… be patient! We are letting go of old muscle memory and then allowing ourselves to build a new, more relaxed muscle memory. You will notice immediate results, but it takes time for something to become a habit. Take little breaks throughout your day to check up on yourself and see if you are making improvements. Try to keep these ideas in mind as you go throughout your day so that your brain can train your muscles even when you are not actively singing.

Ahh! That Sunday afternoon nap. You know the one. The good kind. Your jaw completely slack, tongue relaxed and slightly forward, the tip resting just behind your bottom front teeth, deep relaxed belly breaths, and if it’s really good, a little drool running from the corner of your mouth. Take a moment and see if you can imagine yourself in that Sunday afternoon chair. Relax your body and pull in some nice belly breaths.  In 2, 3, 4… out 2, 3, 4… in 2, 3, 4… out 2, 3, 4…

Let go of any tension in your jaw or tongue.  Let the tip of your tongue rest against your bottom teeth. Keep taking those relaxed breaths and practice this feeling of tension release.

Practice this feeling as your days go along. Try to incorporate the relaxed jaw and tongue into your speech. Practice it while driving, or sitting at your desk. remind yourself as you exercise or cook dinner. You see what I mean? This should become the new normal for you!

If you want more help with your singing and would like to learn to sing in your own natural, free, best voice, then join and get started right now! I would love to help you find your path to free and natural singing in your own amazing voice!!

Happy Singing!!!



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