How to Sing High Notes Without Pain Pt 2

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Nov 14

Say Ah. Now say Ah without tightening your tongue or jaw at all. Could you do it?  Look in your mirror if you can and see if you are able to say Ah without any movement in your tongue or jaw.  Keep your jaw slack and your tongue relaxed against the back of your bottom teeth.

Slide your pitch up and down without moving the tongue or jaahh slidew.  You may need to let your tongue rest on your lower lip.

Do you notice that your are now using your body to support the sound now that we have taken away supporting with your tongue, jaw, and neck muscles?  Try to relax and soften your shoulder muscles.  Allow your ribs to feel open and to expand with each breath. Just nice and easy and relaxed.

Keeping all of these things in mind, relax your tongue. Relax your jaw. Relax the back of your neck.  Relax your shoulders. Let your breath move freely into your belly.

Now take a breath and say Ah.  Did you tighten up anywhere?  If you did, take note of the tightened muscles and soften them.  Say Ah again in this relaxed state.  Did you feel your abdominal muscles begin to do their job of supporting that free sound?  Did you feel no tension in your throat, tongue, or jaw?  Congratulations!  You are on your way to singing amazing high notes with no pain or strain.  Practice this feeling throughout your days until this becomes your new norm.

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Happy Singing!!!

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