How to Sing Like a Disney Princess

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Dec 02

SnowWhiteSo many of my students are wanting to know how to sing like a Disney Princess or Prince that I have decided to record some lessons on this subject! It is SO much fun to sing the songs from the movies and live productions that I thought I would give you some pointers for this particular sound. Actually, if you take my singing course, you will be able to sing any style you prefer, and all without any vocal restrictions at all!

Watch this free  video lesson of Christina and me working to prepare her to sing the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for her audition for a Disney musical. It’s a fun and extremely helpful lesson. Watch to the end and hear her lovely, heart felt rendition at the end of her lesson.

Also, watch my website for an upcoming demonstrations of how you can sing like a Disney princess using the same great vocal technique that everyone from my rock singers all the way to my classical singers use. It’s so much fun to be vocally free and emotionally free, and really, pretending to be a Disney character is a fun exercise in letting it all go! Did you see what I did there?;) So if you want to sound like a Disney Princess or Prince, this is your ticket – and if you don’t, try these exercises anyway. They will help set you free to sing what you want to sing! (By the way – have you ever seen the movie Enchanted? If not, you should – even if you’re a guy. We took our extended family, which included a lot of guys,to see the movie and everyone loved it!)

When I use this technique with my students, whether they are actually wanting to sing these songs to audition for a part in a musical, or are just caught up in vocal restrictions and die laughing for a while before I can get them to actually try it, it does amazing things in every singer’s voice.

I like to start with thinking about when the Prince says “Oh Giselle” in his big round sing-song voice. Imagine the most melodramatic version of those two words that you can. You can find this voice by warming up on the vocal warm up “Mohm.” This will help you approach each note from the top instead of pushing up from the bottom. We want our voices to be connected from top to bottom and bottom to top to gain full use and release of range of voice and emotion. So you can see how freeing it can be to play the part of the prince or princess, and how it can help with freedom in singing!

Find your favorite song and speak the words in your sing-song voice, very smiley, and allow the sound to fill forehead, cheeks, and head. Say the line, then sing the line. Try to sing the line exactly as you say it when you are speaking in your lilting, smiling voice. The voice should be connected from the top down, so approach each note as if you are coming down on top of it rather than trying to push the sound up from the lower register. I will show you how to be the best singer you can be, no matter what style you choose to sing. Check out my free lessons at TheProSinger today!

Tune in soon for a demonstration video and be prepared to have a lot of fun finding your Disney voice!

Watch Christina learn to sing like a Disney Princess

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