How to Sing Like a Disney Princess, Part 2

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Feb 19

how to sing pretty like a disney princess part 2

Would you like to know how to sing pretty like a Disney princess? Of course you would or you wouldn’t be reading this article!  You are a person who knows that singing like a Disney princess is one of the most fun ways to sing!  Not only are the songs beautiful, fun, and heartfelt, they just plain old evoke great emotion with their lilting melodies and expressive lyrics. Everyone can enjoy singing these songs.  So what are some things that can help you sing more like a Disney princess?


1.  A Disney princess always sings with lots of emotion and expression. 

Have you noticed that when one of the princesses sings a song, you really feel how she is feeling?  Her emotions are not hidden in any way, and her voice is full of passion.  She lets us, her audience, fully feel how the situation she is singing about is affecting her. In turn, we can connect to her, and we feel like we are part of the story.  A Disney princess is the queen of connecting with her audience.  She draws us in with her freedom of expression without thought or worry about how she sounds.  Her authentic expression is what makes us want to sing along at the top of our lungs.  She is captivating and engaging. She delivers her song with warmth and captures our hearts.


An exercise that can help you develop this freedom of emotion is to dance around, throw your arms out wide, lean upside down and slowly roll to standing while you sing the song.  It helps to distract yourself from your usual singing stance.  The movement helps your voice to break free of the restrictions you may be placing on it.  Try to turn off your ears when practicing this exercise and just go for feeling nothing in your throat except total release.  Don’t allow your ears to pull you back to your tighter sound.  Just let it go and see what happens!

2.  A Disney Princess always sings where she speaks.

This natural singing is what makes her sound authentic and believable.  Just listen to your favorite princess singing and you will see that her singing voice sounds very much like her speaking voice.  She has a lot of natural resonance, or mask, in her voice.  Most of us do have this resonance when we speak, but lose it when we sing because of tension in the tongue, jaw, throat, and shoulders.  We feel that singing is work and we really have to try to make a good sound.  What really needs to happen is the opposite.  We need to learn to breathe on the body, relax the tongue and jaw, and then just let the sound go.  If we can learn to let go of the restrictions we place on ourselves, both physically and emotionally, we will be able to release a song and let it sail like a Disney princess!


One of my favorite exercises to help find this resonant, masky sound, is to simply say the line I want to sing, and then sing it just like I say it. So if you are singing “Who is that Girl I See” from Mulan, you would want to say the line “who is that girl I see,”  in your natural speaking voice. Then say it freely with feeling, like you are delivering a line in a play.  Watch the sound travel all the way to the back of the room, not by pushing the sound, but by releasing the sound. Once you feel you are speaking with a free and natural sound, try singing the line without changing anything. So basically, you are speaking on pitch. Keep your tongue and jaw relaxed and you will feel your body taking over the job of supporting the sound, allowing your own amazing voice to go free. Say it, sing it!  It will make singing more and more fun as you begin to find freedom in your voice.

Stay tuned for more exercises and videos on this subject!

Happy singing!



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