Posture Can Make You A Better Singer

By suzanne

Jul 29

Posture can make you a better singer! Suzanne at demonstrates proper sitting posture and explains why poor posture can really contribute to poor singing and poor health. She not only wants to help you become the best singer you can be, she wants to help you have longevity as a performer and to feel strong and vibrant your whole life long. She cares about you and wants to see you thriving and happy!

Since great posture can make you a better singer, Suzanne gives you some great tips on proper alignment, and how to accomplish it during your work day, even when you have to be sitting down at your desk, driving your car, practicing your instruments, or whatever is on your plate today.

When you are properly aligned, you can achieve your best singing breath,which is also you life breath. We are born breathing properly and also with proper alignment. As we reach school age and the pressures of life start in on us, we begin to hold tension in our shoulders, and the chain reaction begins.

Practice the techniques Suzanne teaches in this video, and before you know it, you will be practicing proper posture that can make you a better singer!

Happy singing!

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