Private Voice Lessons

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Sep 04

private voice lessons

Taking private voice lessons is a great idea if you want to take your singing skills to a higher level, or if you are a new singer wanting to become a better singer. Through private lessons, the teacher can address your particular needs and assess the problems or limitations that may be holding you back. If you have a gifted teacher, she will be able to tell right away what these limitations are and design a plan of action that will work specifically for you. You will need to find a teacher that you trust, and that you feel confident can diagnose, remove bad habits and old muscle memory, and come up with exercises designed to rebuild your voice into a healthy, free, fully functional, emotionally connected instrument that will last you a lifetime.

It is important that you do some research before taking lessons from a voice teacher. Your teacher can really make or break you. There are many methods of teaching. Some are harmful to the voice and while initially building a perceived powerful sound, after a short time they begin to limit range, cause pain, weigh the voice down, and can lead to vocal cord disease such as polyps and nodes. You will want to hear your teacher sing. If her voice shows wear and tear, or is even already sung out, you may want to seek another teacher. Good singing form should lead to a lifetime of better singing. The more mature singer should sound better than they did in their youth. You will want to hear some of their other students to be sure they are singing in a healthy way and sounding like singing is free and effortless. Also listen to be sure they all have their own voices and are not just cookie cutter versions of the teacher.

Once you have established that you are willing to trust your teacher and that she is going to help you in the long run, be willing to let go of the things she suggests, and sort of turn off your ears for a short time while she takes you apart and puts you back together in a much better way. Be willing to make some sounds that you don’t like while teaching your muscles to let go and allowing the correct muscles to begin to strengthen. Do practice every day all of the things she gives you to do. It won’t be long until your voice is doing things you thought beyond your reach and sounding better than you ever thought possible.

Suzanne Davis is a world class teacher with vast experience helping beginners all the way to celebrities reach their full potential. She can be trusted to help you reach your goals as a singer and her methods are only healthful for your voice and body. You will be a better singer for the rest of your life once you employ the skills that Suzanne will teach you. She is very clear and easy to follow and you will make great progress. Join and get started right now! What are you waiting for? Private voice lessons are costly.

Join now for the same great lessons Suzanne gives to her private students, but at a fraction of the cost. You can also book a Skype lesson, or a private lesson at her studio in Rockwall, Texas.  Happy singing!!



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