Singing in the Shower

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Nov 21


singing in the shower

Why do we love singing in the shower? Why do you love to sing in the shower? Don’t you sometimes feel that you do your best singing in the shower? I certainly feel that way. For one thing, the acoustics are wonderful and we can sing our hearts out and actually sound great with very little effort. The steam opens up our sinuses and lubricates our throats and everything just feels great and we can sing and sing and sing. Also, usually we are alone with the doors closed, so we have no worries of anyone listening in with a critical ear, and giving us an opinion of how we sound.

Whether it be a positive or negative review, knowing that someone is listening can cause us to pull back some, or maybe completely stop singing altogether. Wouldn’t it be great if we could sing as freely in front of our audience as we can in the comfort of our wonderful acoustic steam chamber?

Perhaps we can take some of what happens while singing in the shower with us into our real world singing. Obviously, moist vocal cords are a must, so drinking a lot of water every day is very important.  The water doesn’t actually touch our cords, unless we accidentally inhale while drinking, and we all know how that ends! However, proper water intake hydrates our tissues and keeps the mucous that covers the vocal folds nice and thin, preventing the need to cough and clear our throats.  This protects our vocal cords from the friction that would result from unprotected vocal folds rubbing together, which can lead to problems like nodes, polyps, or just hoarseness.

Breathing the steam of plain hot water is helpful. There are some good personal steamers on the market if you want to invest, but it is just as effective to steam up your bathroom and sit in there for 10 or 15 minutes.  Bonus! You get a nice facial! Also, you can keep a humidifier running in your house, or just keep a big pot of boiling water on the stove. Especially in the winter time when we are running our heaters, the air can be very drying. So drink and drink and steam and steam! Be careful not to burn yourself!

The freedom we find in the shower can be found on dry ground too! It is possible to sing beautifully without the pain of pushing and straining. My vocal methods are wonderfully freeing and I can help your find your free, awesome, singing in the shower voice, even when you are singing for an audience! Come on and take your free lessons
and then join and we will have an awesome journey to free singing!

Happy singing!




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