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Jan 12

singing posture

We could all use some help with our posture, so check out these 8 steps to align the body for great singing posture!

Do you struggle with proper posture? I would say that posture is one of the first things I work to correct in 99 percent of my students.  Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and realize that I can get lazy about proper alignment too, and so I try to remind myself throughout the day to straighten up.

Good posture is very important to great singing as well as great health. It allows for flowing and supported breath, the relaxation of muscles, good blood flow, and is actually invigorating.   Poor posture leads to aches and pains, shallow breath, fatigue, and is energy sapping.  Every great singer needs to be able to use good breath support in order to support the voice using the muscles of the body rather than those of the throat, neck, shoulders, tongue, and jaw.  Without proper breath support, it is impossible to sing with complete ease and freedom.  Without proper posture, it is nearly impossible to support the voice the way our bodies are intended.

I know that many of you play the guitar, especially those of you who are worship leaders. It will benefit you to practice your posture and singing away from your instrument some of the time.  I will be posting some videos very soon showing you some stretches and postures that will help with your particular struggles.  But either way, it is a good idea to begin by working on the following exercise several times each day.  You can also practice while seated if you sit up straight and put your feet flat on the floor.

1.  Stand with your feet hip width apart.  Start with your feet.  Allow your bones to hold you up as you soften your muscles.

2. Soften your calves, soften your quads and hamstrings. Let your bones hold you up.


3. Now point your tailbone to the floor.  This will probably require a gentle tilt of your pelvis and will begin to bring your body into proper alignment.

4. Lengthen your spine, one vertebrae at a time.

5. Pretend there is a string coming through your spine with one end coming out of your tail bone and one end coming through the crown of your head.

6. As you lengthen your spine one vertebrae at a time, let your chin drop to your chest and then slowly allow your head to come up one vertebrae at a time.

7. Pretend that someone is gently pulling each end of the string and that will help you keep this posture.  Your core muscles should be gently engaged, but try to notice where you may be holding tension.  Once you identify the tense spots, breathe and allow that tension to melt away.  Practice this several times throughout the day and you will begin to release tension naturally rather than holding it where it can cause many problems.  This will be great for your over all health.

8. Check to see that your shoulders are relaxed and your tailbone is pointing to the floor. The ears should be aligned with the shoulders and the chin parallel to the floor.

This posture will help as you take your lessons and learn to sing without jutting the chin and jaw.  It will help enable you to belly breathe because the body will be in it’s natural alignment. This posture alone is one of the best things you can employ to help you on your way to free and natural singing that will last you a lifetime.

I will be constantly posting many videos and articles to help with releasing tension and developing proper posture and great breath support for singing!  The added benefit is what it will do for your health, emotional well being, and over all energy!!

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Happy Singing!!!



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