Singing, Singing, Singing

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Feb 18

singing singing singing

Singing, singing, singing!!!  Can you think of many thing you’d rather do? What an amazing gift we have been given. What an awesome way of expressing joy, sorrow, love, loss, excitement, longing, fulfillment, and all of our human emotions and circumstances. What a powerful tool of communication and connection with other people and with God!  Singing helps us express the things that move us to the depths of our souls. Words connected to melody. Melody coupled with emotion evoking chords that touch and move us beyond any other form of communication.  What a marvelous thing it is to be given a voice to sing about everything that we feel inside. Amazing!

I have often tried to figure out what singing is, but it is something that God has given us that is just a gift beyond our human understanding. I mean, I have studied the anatomy, trained and trained to become the best singer I can be, sung for thousands upon thousands, taught thousands of singers to be their best, but for the life of me, I can’t understand how the human voice can make such lovely sounds. We have a speaking voice and a singing voice. This boggles my mind:) To be chosen to be a vessel of such glorious expression is humbling beyond words. To be given the gift of teaching others to find their full singing potential is one of my greatest joys. To be in the room with a singer when they make a break through, and seeing the pure joy it brings to them is some of the best fun to be had! To receive communication from my online students at, telling me of the vocal breakthroughs they are experiencing while following my program makes me jump with joy. Seriously! Helping other singers become their very best is one of my very favorite things to do. I am the biggest fan of and the craziest cheerleader for each and every one of them.

Singing is so much more than a good sound, though that is a very important part to be sure. But beyond the beauty of the notes is the depth and authenticity of emotion. The singer has to connect emotionally with the audience. The listeners need to feel what the singer is trying to say through the song. The singer must learn to step out of the comfort zone and let the audience in. It is a very vulnerable position and much easier said than done. A singer must sound like they are simply speaking to the audience, but on pitch.  The sound should be authentic, unique to that singer. In other words, the singer should sing in his or her own voice, not copying someone else.

An easy exercise to help achieve this goal is to say the line you are going to sing, then sing it just like you say it. Practice each line of the song in this manner, saying and singing each line as many times as it takes to sing in your natural voice. You will begin to find your own amazing voice, and I promise you that you will have fun while doing it!

Happy singing!




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