Singing is Fun!

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Sep 03


Singing is so much fun!  Singing can bring you joy, pump you up, bring you to tears, calm your emotions, soothe a crying child, help you fall in love, and so much more.  It is a powerful mode of expression that is hard to surpass.

The voice is connected to the heart, so singing brings a vulnerability to the singer that can sometimes be overwhelming.  Often times when we are singing in front of others, we do some things that get in the way of our best, natural, free singing voice because, honestly, it is just pretty scary to let all of that emotion, sound, and (gasp!) maybe even a sound that is not up to our standards escape without somehow having control of the note before it hits the ears of our listener.

Have you ever noticed that when you sing you feel some restrictions in your throat, or you feel that you are pushing or straining to get the notes to do what you want them to do?

Do you seem to be sort of holding your breath as you push the phrases of  your song?  Do your shoulders tighten as you sing?

Do they rise up when you take in a breath in preparation for the next line in the song? Does it seem like a great effort  to make it through a set of songs of even a full concert?

How many songs or how much of a single song can you sing without feeling vocally tired?

Do you find yourself listening to the note before you let it go because you want to be sure you are not going to embarrass yourself with a wrong pitch?

At the end of your phrases are your putting on the brakes instead of flowing through the whole line?

Perhaps you are doing that so that you can prepare for the next phrase?

If some of these things hit home with you, let me assure you that you are not alone!  Believe me, we have all been in this boat at one time or another.

I have had the privilege of working with thousands of singers and can tell your from experience that most of these problems are common to us all.  We make hard work out of singing, when actually it should be easy, fun, and effortless.  The more we can let go and get out of our own way, the more we can express with beauty of sound.

It would be my honor to get to help you unlock the things that are holding you back and set you on your path to complete vocal freedom.  Singing is fun!

To help you get started, try this relaxation exercise.  It seems really silly, but if you will stick with it, you will start to notice some releases in the tension in your jaw and tongue.  You will also notice your breath naturally moving to your belly.

Here it is:

1. Push your sit bones to the back of your chair, let the backrest support your back , and place both feet on the floor.

2. Let your jaw go slack, as if your have fallen asleep and your mouth has dropped open.

3.  Your tongue should naturally fall forward like a wet blanket.  Let it lay out over your bottom lip and try to pretend it is asleep.  just heavy and relaxed.

4. Concentrate on keeping the jaw and the base of the tongue completely at rest.

5.  Let your mind be still.  Repeat several times daily.  You are teaching your tongue and to be uninvolved in making sounds.  Do it several times every day and you will see  great results!

Singing is such an amazing gift.  I would love to help you find your best voice!

Have  wonderful day and happy singing!



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