Vocal Therapy Exercises

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Dec 11

vocal therapy exercises

If you are suffering from vocal fatigue, vocal strain, vocal nodes, vocal polyps, or if you just feel that your voice needs a little TLC, then you have come to the right place for some good vocal therapy exercises! It is important to care for your voice, and vocal therapy exercises are great to add to your regime even if you are not suffering from an ailment. Not only can these exercises help restore a tired or injured voice, they can also help prevent vocal problems from starting in the first place.

The exercises I am about to show you are great for freeing up your speaking voice and then helping you to sing in that same free way. It is important to sing where you speak, if you want to unlock any restrictions that may be hindering your best singing.  Try my free lesson, and I will help you sing with more ease and freedom than you can imagine! But for now, let’s do some Mohm exercises to find your free resonant center. From there, you are well on your pathway to freedom in singing.

Say the word mohm with a long “o.” Release the back of your tongue and let tip of it rest against the back of your bottom teeth. Let the jaw unhinge and be as relaxed as you can manage.  The tongue is asleep and still.  No action is required of your tongue to make the sound. The first goal is to say “mmm” without tightening your tongue or jaw in any way.  Spend some time practicing that thought before moving on to the next step. As you find the release in the tongue and jaw, you will notice that your body naturally takes over the work of supporting the voice. That is because our bodies are made to support our sound. Babies and young children breathe and support the sounds they make from the diaphragm and supporting muscles. Most of us develop poor breathing habits and begin using the jaw and tongue to support the voice. We just get lazy, let our posture sag, take shallow breaths, and poor vocal production results.

Now say “mmmmohm.” Let the sound stay very forward even when you say the “o” part. Say mohm 5 times, spending a good bit of time on each mmm sound. Now say mohm 4 times, on descending speaking pitches very connected; spending time on each “mmm,” allowing the “o” to stay very forward  and in the “mmm” spot.  Do this several times each day.

Start the word mohm on a very soft speaking pitch, gradually get louder, and then softer as you continue to speak through the “mmmm” placement.

Now sing the word “mohm” on on pitch in a very comfortable spot in your range. Sing it five times in sequence – “mmmohmmohmmmmohmmmohmmmohm.” You may be like me and become a mohm addict because it feels so good and sets everything so free!  Singing from here is so much easier!

Mohm’s the word!

Happy Singing!!




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