Voice Training Online

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Nov 16

Voice Training Online

Many singers avoid seeking a professional to help them with voice training with good reason.  All voice coaches are not equal, and all singing methods are not helpful. Many are actually harmful to the vocal mechanism while others will change the singing production so drastically that the student no longer sounds like themselves. It is important to train your voice with someone who understands the unique problems of each singer, and who is able to help remove vocal restrictions without causing new problems or creating a less than authentic sound.

There are many phrases passed down through classical training that just mess things up for singers.  I spend half of my teaching time undoing the effects of poor classical training and poor choral training.  The phrases, “lift your palate,” “breathe from your diaphragm,” “round out your vowels,” “cover the sound,” well, you get the picture.  All of these are taught with the best intentions, yet they all create tension in the throat, tongue, face, shoulders, and torso, leading to a swallowed and often hollow sound.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many contemporary teachers out there who are essentially killing the voices of their students.  Endless exercises, like gug gug gug gug gug gug gug gug, starting at the bottom of the range and pushing through the top can cause such tension to the vocal apparatus that damage can occur. There are many exercises along this line that just don’t help the singer achieve a lifetime of great singing.  If your teacher uses the term, “vocal compression,” please consider running away! This type of vocal production not only often leads to nodes and polyps, which can require surgery followed by endless vocal therapy, it also squeezes the beauty out of the voice.

The voice is designed to work its magic when we learn to get out of the way and allow our bodies to make vocal sound the natural way. When we learn to relax the jaw, tongue, face, and body and use only the correct muscles for singing, the resulting free voice is astonishing.  When we can sing without tension, pain, fatigue, pitch problems, and such things, the resulting sound is awesome. When we set the voice free, we can sing any style that we choose; be it rock, jazz, broadway, indie, R & B, art song, and even opera.

Now I know that no teacher sets out to harm their students. We love our students and want them to have great success. I would love for these teachers to try my methods at TheProSinger.com, so that they can find their own voices and help set their students on the path to finding their own free, natural, authentic sound. Try these FREE  online voice lessons today! Simply click on Free Lesson and get started today!

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