What Do You Consider to be Singing Success?

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Nov 25




One of my students recently asked what I would consider to be singing success. I try to answer as many of the questions posted by my students as I possibly can, so, if you are a member of TheProSinger.com, please keep them coming. Sometimes I will answer in an article, and sometimes I will answer with a video so that I can demonstrate if needed.

In terms of singing success, we probably have many different ideas, don’t we? Many of us feel that we must “make it” in the music world and become a famous artist, heard by millions and put on a pedestal by our adoring fans. We must push and self promote using whatever means possible to be seen and heard. We have dreams of money, fame, and a glamorous life style with never a dull moment. We will hang with the beautiful people and life will be one grand party.

While having a great career as a singer is a worthy goal, many of us feel that unless we attain that sought after status of “stardom,” that we have failed and feel defeated, and sometimes even give up on our great love of expressing music through the gift of singing.

This is where I want to step in today. Singing is so much more than the world will tell us these days. Your worth as a person is not wrapped up in your singing success, though being a successful singer is attainable. Your worth is granted to you because God loves you and gave Himself for you. The Bible tells us that “God so loved the world that He sent His only Son (Jesus), that whoever( you) would believe in Him (Jesus), would not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. God’s word is full of good news for all of us, so I would challenge you to read the Bible and ask God to teach you how great is your worth.

In light of God’s grace and mercy, the gift of singing takes on a new life. The ability to express thoughts and ideas, values and beliefs, love and hope, joy and sadness, loss and gain, in a way that touches the hearts of your fellow man is nothing short of miraculous. What a great gift. What a great responsibility to use and develop this gift for a cause greater than ourselves!
What if we are driven to improve our voices so that we can promote something greater than our own platform? What if we measured our singing success in terms of helping others make it through hard times or to help them celebrate good times? Perhaps singing for a funeral or a wedding would take on new meaning and would seem to carry more success on the grand scale of life. Don’t we all just want to make a difference and find meaning and purpose in this life?

The music industry is scrambling these days and becoming a super star is more elusive than ever. It is a gamble and there is really not a formula to be followed that will ensure major singing success, fortune, and fame. Don’t be fooled by people telling you to follow their program and they will teach you to “make it” . You must work hard and put yourself out there if that is your goal, but there are no guarantees.

My purpose, as your vocal coach, is to help you become the very best singer you can be. I want to help you achieve amazing singing and complete freedom and expression in your singing. I will help you have great technique and longevity, but most of all, I want you to have joy. Joy in your heart and joy as you sing. My hope is that you reach your greatest dreams and have the success you hope for. But more than this, I wish for you to know the One who gives us eternal life, true joy, and real success.

Happy Singing!


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