Why Can’t I sing High Notes?

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Feb 12


Why can’ t I sing better high notes?  This is one of the most asked questions I hear from my students.  Everyone would like to sing be able to sing higher and sound good while doing it, right?  The short answer to this question is simply “you can.”  You can sing high notes and sing them well if you are willing to work on a few things in order to find your pathway to easy high notes.  Wouldn’t that be so much fun?  And guess what?  An added bonus to singing better high notes is that you will also develop more and better low notes!  Can you guess what else?  Yep!  Every note in between will better than you ever dreamed!  I have been coaching singers for 35 years, and have seen the following reasons for limited high notes.  Keep reading and see if you are trying to sing high notes in a restricted manner.




1. Reaching for the high note by jutting the jaw and straining and pushing up from the bottom of your range.


2. Carrying your chest voice to the breaking point, and then flipping into a teeny little false voice.


3. Singing only in your false voice, so there is really not much to the quality of the sound you make.


4. Tilting your head either up or down as you try to reach the note.


5.  Yelling the note.


6.  Tightening the back of the tongue and sounding a bit like Kermit the frog.


7.  Breathing high in your chest rather than using your body to support your sound.


8.  Approaching the note with a flat palate and working hard to produce the sound.


9.  Feeling pain or tension when singing or even thinking a high note.


10.  It seems that singing is a lot of work and makes you tired.


All of us have experienced at least some of these things.  The good news is that these things that cause restrictions and prevent our best singing can be overcome with some training.  Your muscles are used to making sound the way you have always sung, so you have developed muscle memory that needs to be redirected so that the sound you produce when you sing is free and easy.  When you let go of the old muscle memory and teach the right muscles what to do, creating new muscle memory, great things start happening. And guess what?  All of the problems listed above begin to melt away as your own, natural, amazing voice begins to emerge.  Singing becomes so much more fun and your sound improves drastically.

To get started on freeing up that amazing voice of yours, do this vocal warm-up. This easy exercise will gently stretch and warm your vocal cords and help you on your way to increasing your range.  Be gentle and gradual in adding high notes.  It takes time to develop new muscle memory.  Try to keep your tongue and jaw relaxed as you do this exercise, and check yourself throughout the day to see if you can develop the habit of a relaxed tongue and jaw.

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Happy Singing!






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