Why should I Warm up My Voice?

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Dec 04

canstock2656723        Why should I warm up my voice?   I hear this question very often from my students and from many of the professional singers that I work with.  I mean, let’s be honest, how many of us actually look forward to doing our vocal warm-ups  before we sing?  Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if we could just sing the house down without warming up, or doing any of the things we should to maintain great vocal health and get better at singing?

The fact is that we, as singers, are athletes with our voices if we are required to use our them daily or weekly in order to earn our livings.  And just like those athletes, we have to train in order to be great singers. The difference between us and other athletes is that ball players and such have an off-season where they don’t train as intensely, in order to let their bodies rest and recover from such hard work. Sometimes professional singers will be able to take some down time from performing, but even then they really need to keep in shape during the off season, because it’s no fun to have to get back into good form once you have become great at your craft!

In order to keep our voices healthy and able to make gains and sing with no restrictions, it is important that we take care of them, which includes warming up properly everyday before we sing or speak. Talking can be much more taxing than singing, so it is imperative that we speak with the same freedom we are developing in our singing.  We want to sound the same whether talking or singing, so always warm up first thing in the morning before you have a conversation. Make it a habit. Something you do without even noticing. The pay-off is terrific!

The mornings at our house would sound really funny to someone listening in, because I live in a family full of singers. Often the car rides when we are heading out to sing include some pretty funny sounds, but to us it seems perfectly normal. I’m sure people driving around us sometimes wonder what we are doing with all the lip trills, whooping sounds, and straw singing. It has become a natural part of our routine to warm up a little before long conversations, and to remind each other if we notice that we are talking without proper breath support or without using our Mohm placement. It should always feel very easy and natural to move from talking to singing, and warming up the voice before either activity will do the trick. You will have access to these and many other great vocal warm ups as a part of your membership in TheProSinger family.

Some days you will feel warmed up before you even start, so those days will require less time to be ready to sing. On those easy days, just some lips trills and whoop slides might be enough. Choose any warm -up or choose several, depending on how your voice feels on that day. Some days singing just never feels good because maybe you only slept a few hours, or maybe your allergies have flared, or you might be sick, or your voice just feels really tired. If possible, take the day off from singing, limit your talking, drink lots of water, and go to sleep early that night. Sleep and water are so great and necessary for good singing.

One of the main reasons to warm up your voice and learn to sing without restriction is so that you will have vocal longevity. You will want to sing for your whole life, and you should only get better with time. Take care of your amazing voice and it will last you a lifetime. It is one of my greatest joys to help singers like you discover total ease and freedom of singing and the joy of expressing all that you feel inside. Check out my free lessons and let the fun begin!

Happy Singing!




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