vocal warm upsVocal warm-ups need to be one of your daily disciplines if you are a singer. I call them disciplines because they are not all that much fun and can be kind of boring quite honestly. Warming up your voice in the morning before you have any conversation is one of the best vocal habits you can practice. It is important that your singing voice is produced the same as your speaking voice, so setting yourself  up for success early in the day will lead to great results in your singing. It makes sense that if you talk with tension, singing with freedom will be almost impossible. Almost every elite singer has a vocal coach that helps them take care of their voice so that they can always be at their best. Every young athlete all the way to professional athletes have coaches who help them become better at what they do through drills and exercises.  Singers are athletes too, so take care of your instrument and do your vocal warm ups every day.

One of my favorite warm-ups is the lip trill. This exercise engages the entire range, connects the voice to the body, helps remove breaks and tensions, and all without putting any strain at all on the vocal apparatus. This makes for an easy and gentle start to using your voice early in your day, whatever hour that may be. You can watch a video tutorial here. Do these several times throughout your day and you will begin to notice more freedom as you move throughout your range as you sing your songs. Freedom from any restrictions is what we are looking for in our singing. I would love to help you find such freedom so that you can sing anything you want.

Why should I warm – up my voice?

Warming up before you sing or speak is very important if you want to experience freedom in singing.If you want to get better at singing, find your best high notes, expand your range, experience emotional freedom and expression, and improve all things vocal, take the time to develop healthy singing habits, which includes carefully warming the voice and spending time finding your path to total vocal freedom.

These free online singing lessons will make you feel as if you are in the room with Suzanne, taking your own private voice lesson. These lessons are all completely free and designed with you in mind, based on her vast experience teaching and coaching thousands of singers. She is a professional singer herself and has been since the age of 17, so she understands the things that singers encounter. Your vocal health and a long career are also important to her, and Suzanne is passionate about helping you keep your voice and your body young and supple so that you can sing better each passing year. There is no reason for your voice to get old and out of shape. It should become richer and more expressive as your life experiences influence and deepen your ability to express emotion and beautiful sound.

Take your time on each lesson, and don’t feel that you have to rush to do them all. Choose whatever feels best to your voice today. You will find that you are on the path to greater vocal freedom as you practice these every day.

Happy singing!